What happened to actress Keerthi Suresh! Why has it become like this? Lamenting fans ..

Actress Keerthi Suresh Keerthi Suresh is a leading actress in South India. Keerthi Suresh has acted with leading actors in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Accordingly, the movie Sani Kaitham starring Keerthi Suresh is currently out and following that he will be starring in the upcoming movie Mamannan directed by Mari Selvaraj.

It is a known fact that actress Keerthi Suresh has changed her look a bit unlike before.

And he has a habit of constantly posting photos of his photoshoots. The re-sent photo posted by Keerthi Suresh has made the fans lament.

Yes, in which Keerthi Suresh Magam is seen with a slight change. Thus some fans are lamenting in various ways what happened to Keerthi Suresh, his face looks like he did plastic surgery.


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