What Happened To Nikita Dragun? Youtuber Detained In A Psychiatric Ward


What Happened To Nikita Dragun? Youtuber Detained In A Psychiatric Ward: A popular Youtuber leaves her fans in a big concern towards her after she revealed a shocking experience. Nikita Dragun recently took her Instagram account, sharing that she had been apprehended in a psychiatric facility. In her Instagram stories, the popular and controversial social media influencer mentioned that she spent over 8 days “under a Temporary Detaining Order And Magistrate”. When she addressed her experience, the native of Belgian went on to show her disfigured belly and a video of herself in what looks like be psychiatric facility. The reason behind the sudden admission of 25-years-old youtube is still not known yet. Follow More Update On Khatrimaza.uno

What Did Nikita Dragun Disclose on Instagram Post?

The beauty influencer and social media star disclosed in her Instagram stories that she was “kicked out on Thanksgiving Day”. Nikita Dragun asserted that she walked out into the cold streets until she was picked up by the cops, who accepted her to a psychiatric facility compulsory. The beauty Youtuber went on to post another story asking for privacy for herself and her family. Dragun added: “What they do not understand is the shame. History is not kind to ladies who think like a man. They just call us “CRAZY’.

Since being highly active on her stories, beauty Youtuber also uploaded a post along with a lengthy caption explaining the event. The social media star disclosed that she had been “drugged so intensely I could not even keep my eyes open for days.” It looks like the Youtuber has been submerging herself in a religious experience. Nikita Dragun talked of “God” and how “He works in mysterious ways” all over her caption, “My singing and divinity granted me liberty. I was lost, afraid, and alone. He works in mysterious ways…and God knows I can take on any fight. This one hurt but viewed me my will of fire. I am a sufferer. I am a survivor. I am a lot of things but I am a girl with a dream. Delusional and all. No one will ever take my beliefs and wish away from me.”

As Youtuber shared her experience on the web, fas flooded the comment section of her with support and sympathy. The online sensation generally finds herself involved in controversies, but followers viewed concern for her mental health. The famous makeup vlogger is widely known for her beauty line Dragun Beauty which asserts to aim at catering to the community of transgender.

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