What is Rajamouli film? Tata is the director who pretended to be Sami and escaped

Brahmanda director SS Rajamouli has captivated fans with his works like Bhagwati and R.R.R. And many leading actors are vying to star in his film. Because the market for those actors has multiplied since he starred in the film.

In this situation, megastar Maheshbabu will act in the next film directed by Rajamavuli. The film has also developed tremendously. This is a one sided director Lokesh Kanagaraj Vikram has completed the shooting of the film. The film is set to release in June.

Following this, it was reported that Lokesh Kanagaraj and Vijay are going to direct the film. Vijay is currently starring in Commander 66. Vijay joins Lokesh only after the completion of the film. Thus Lokesh Kanagaraj was to direct the film Maheshbabu in the meantime.

But Rajamouli film is not so ubiquitous. He takes almost two to three years for a film. Already he has been taking over the years for Bhagwati, R.R.R.

Besides, Mahesh Babu’s villain will be very different in the film directed by Rajamavuli. Thus Lokesh Kanagaraj will not be able to play Maheshbabu in the same building in the film. So Mahesh Babu has asked Lokesh for a chance. So it took two or three years for the film to finish anyway.

Lokesh thinks this is not possible for Nass and Tata has escaped by posing as Sami. Thus Commander 67 is trying to direct the film with another actor before directing the film. And who will replace Mahesh Babu in the film will be released soon.

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