What is the point of stepping on this gate .. Vikram Prabhu who missed a good chance

Recently, Tamil cinema has been looking for films with a good storyline. No film that attracts people with different stories is coming out in Tamil now. The fact of the matter is that the films were made at a cost of billions of rupees but none of them appealed to the masses.

We can no longer see the recently released films with a story feature like Writer, Bizarre Will. Actor Vikram Prabhu is trying to make a name for himself by starring in a good movie despite the failure of many other films.

Although he is the heir of a large family, Kumki showed his amazing talent in the film and thereby impressed the fans. Although he acted in a number of films following that film, he did not have any films to speak of except a few.

The last time he acted was in the movie Pulikkuthi Pandi which was released on ODD. Thus he acted very hard with the aim of somehow proving his talent in the film Danakaran film.

Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go. The film is based on a true story and is currently attracting a large number of fans.

In this situation, Vikram Prabhu is beating his head that the film will not be released in the theater and will be released on ODD. Had the film been released in theaters perhaps it would have certainly earned him a good name not only in the collections. Vikram Prabhu is now saddened that we have made such a big mistake.

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