What is the reason for the closeness with Bala .. Abirami answering the fan question

Abirami is popular among the people through the Big Boss show aired on Vijay TV. He played the lead role in the movie Nerkonda Parvai starring Ajith. Following this, Abrami also appeared on the Big Boss Ultimate show aired on Disney Hotstar.

In this case, Abrami is the girlfriend in front of Nirupam who participated as a contestant in the same show. Thus Abirami became intimately acquainted with Bala in a way that disgusted the proof. This sparked many controversies within the Big Boss Ultimate home.

Abrami’s favorite cigarette was also posted on the Internet. Abrami, who is currently live on Instagram, responded to a question from fans. In it a fan asked the question of whether it is true that you smoke cigarettes on the Big Boss show.

Abrami replied, I have no fear of talking to Opana, that house will be very stressful. Rodula had a lot of pussies to fight for his footsteps, but he himself had raised a question as to whether a girl was his footsteps. And another fan was questioning about the controversy with Bala.

Everyone is openly watching what is happening on the Big Boss Ultimate show. None of this can hide anything. And four people watching Shola would have behaved like this. I’m not the only one out there to avoid behaving like this.

Also, I know how to behave in public. He angrily responded to the fans that none of that happened there. Abrami has said that no one should spread rumors that this has changed.

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