What Matter Did .. Wait 2 Double Meaning Verse In Trending 2 Love Trailer

The trailer of Kathuvakkula 2 romantic movie directed by Vignesh Sivan and starring Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara and Samantha has been released. I have to say that this trailer has further increased the anticipation that was already on the film.

Vijay Sethupathi joins in as an unexpected twist when the heroines come to save the lamp that goes out as Kushi does in the movie when the trailer starts. This scene tells the story of the film.

Starting from that, it seems that the film will be a pakka entertainment when you look at the hit scenes and webcast song scenes featured in films like Bhagwati and Titanic. It is also surprising that Nataswara is portrayed as a master of dance and art.

Also, it will be known only after the release of the film whether Rowdy and I will enjoy the dialogue in the film as to whether Nayantara’s Rowdy can get close together. The scenes where Nayantara comes as a family boxer and Samantha as Ultra Modern will definitely be enjoyed.

There is no doubt that the double meaning verses spoken by Samantha will definitely stir up a controversy. The scene where Vijay Sethupathi finally gets mixed up with both tea and coffee to convince them that he is stuck with his two girlfriends is admirable.

When you watch this trailer, which has come out so stunningly, it seems that there will be no shortage of comedy and liveliness in the film. Overall after a long day the fans have been reporting that they are eagerly waiting to see and enjoy a fun movie.

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