What Nargis wrote on Meena Kumari’s death: ‘Maut mubarak ho Meena, this world is not for people like you’


Late legendary actor Meena Kumari is always described as a ‘historically incomparable’ actor ensuing from her inviting occupation that spanned 33 years. Nonetheless, it’s her interior most existence that used to be the controversy of the town in that generation. She is belief of as a tragedy icon in Indian cinema, owing to her sad marriage with screenwriter Kamal Arohi and failed romance with Dharmendra.

She died in 1972 and it used to be Nargis Dutt who had attain to pay her respects to her for the length of the supreme rites and mentioned, “Meena, maut mubarak ho!” Nargis penned a letter to her after her dying, which used to be published in an Urdu journal.  The 2 had shared a detailed sisterhood.

She started her column with the message, “‘Congratulations on your dying’ I if truth be told possess never mentioned this earlier. Meena, this day your baaji (elder sister) congratulates you on your dying and asks you to never step into this world any other time. This plight isn’t any longer intended for folks cherish you.” In her column, she recalled how her friendship with Meena Kumar started. “For the length of the taking pictures of Most major Chup Rahungi, my husband (Sunil Dutt) invited me on sets with the kids. There Meena and I grew to become sizable mates. When I went for dinner with Dutt saab, Meena voluntarily took care of Sanjay and Namrata, changing their dresses to making their milk,” she added.

Nargis printed that one evening for the length of a day out to Madras for a movie shoot, she had considered Meena panting carefully within the garden of the hotel and when she inquired, Meena mentioned that she used to be inviting, it will also lawful be tobacco. Nargis didn’t imagine this entirely and her suspicion used to be confirmed when she heard ‘suggestive sounds of violence’ from her room.

Factual three weeks after Pakeezah’s unlock, Meena Kumari used to be critically sick. She slid into a coma and died on March 31, 1972. Liver cirrhosis used to be company to be the motive gradual her dying. (Photo: Instruct Archives)

Nargis wrote, “I caught protect of Kamal Amrohi’s secretary Baqar and spoke to him in train terms, “Why manufacture you of us are attempting to abolish Meena? She has worked ample on your sake, For the vogue prolonged is she going to feed you?” He mentioned, when the inviting time comes, we’re going to relaxation her.”

They returned to Bombay, and Nargis mentioned that they didn’t meet for a really very prolonged time. Later, she learnt that Meena Kumar had walked out of Kamal’s house and had started living in Mehmood’s house. Meena had a showdown with Baqar on the sets of Pinjre Ke Panchhi, and issues obtained ‘so turbulent’ that he did no longer step into Kamal’s house any other time. By this time, tales of Meena Kumar’s alcoholism began to surface. This consumption of alcohol used to be proving to be detrimental to her health, and she went down with jaundice. When Nargis visited her at sanatorium, she requested, “Manju, you are free, but what exercise is such freedom within the event you are zigzag on killing yourself?” She answered, “Baaji, my patience has a restrict. How dare Kamal saheb’s secretary elevate his hand on me? When I obtained the incident communicated to Kamal Saheb, I believed he would attain working and fire Baqar. As an different he mentioned, “Reach house, I will specialize in things there. What used to be there for him to specialize in? Now it’s me who has made up our minds to no longer poke lend a hand to him.”

Actress Meena Kumari and director Kamal Amrohi on the residing of movie Pakeezah. (Instruct archive photo)

After this, Dharmendra entered Meena Kumari’s existence, and that gave her some assemble of happiness, for a whereas. Nargis wrote, “If Meena has ever loved anyone passionately, the person is Dharmendra. If Meena ever became crazy in bask in for somebody, it used to be Dharmendra.” Nargis mentioned that this used to be ‘the most enticing’ portion of her existence. Nonetheless, owing to a misunderstanding, he walked out of her existence and she used to be left heartbroken, Nargis wrote. “Slowly, she began to plod in direction of dying,” Nargis wrote.

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