What to Expect From The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 3?


The latest episode of ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ season 1 sees Mr. Benedict preparing the children who are part of the eponymous group to infiltrate the L.I.V.E. Institute. The kids are taken aback by how different the school is, but they keep their eyes on the task at hand. You can go through our recap section to refresh your memory of the second episode. But first, here is all that you need to know before the third episode releases!

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 3 Release Date

‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ episode 3 will release on July 2, 2021, at 3 am ET on Disney . The first season has eight episodes, which are scheduled to run till August 6, 2021. After the two-episode premiere, the series follows a weekly release pattern. Therefore, you can expect new episodes every Friday.

Where to Watch The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 3?

You can watch ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ episode 3 exclusively on Disney . All you need to do is subscribe to the streaming service. You can buy a monthly subscription for $7.99 or pay $79.99 for the whole year.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 3 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode, we will know how the Mysterious Benedict Society navigates the challenges at the L.I.V.E. Institute, especially since Mr. Curtain and Mr. Benedict look alike. As they attend the school, Mr. Benedict will continue to worry for the children he has sent on a dangerous mission. However, we can be assured that they all have many adventures ahead of them before they find out the root cause of The Emergency.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 2 Recap

In the episode titled ‘Carrying A Bird,’ Mr. Benedict’s mansion is attacked by some intruders, putting him, his team, and the children at risk. After ensuring that everyone is safe, Mr. Benedict convinces the kids to help him on a mission. He needs proof that the subliminal messages on television shows are causing The Emergency. Only when he has solid evidence can he seek help from the authorities.

Reynie, Kate, Constance, and Sticky accept to be a part of Mr. Benedict’s mission and call themselves the Mysterious Benedict Society. For this, they need to be enrolled in the L.I.V.E. Institute, the alleged source of the subliminal messages. They are tasked with identifying the person who is responsible and stop the transmissions. The children are also trained to communicate with Mr. Benedict and his team using Morse code. As the children join the new school, they learn more about what they are expected to do as a part of the institution.

At the institute, the Mysterious Benedict Society realizes that the teaching methods are very different from anything they have ever experienced before. They are also asked to watch television for long periods of time, and Reynie and Kate do very well in class. When Kate identifies a tower which she believes has the transmitter. When she decides to go there by herself, it sparks off an argument. The Mysterious Benedict Society finally meets the founder and headmaster of the L.I.V.E. Institute, Mr. Curtain. But they are surprised to see him since he looks exactly like Mr. Benedict.

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