What’s the best ever James Bond film? Vote for the best 1960s movie in round 1

What’s the best ever James Bond film? Vote for the best 1960s movie in round 1

In the first round of our poll, we’re asking you to pick the best film from Bond’s early years.

Sean Connery as Bond


When it comes to deciding the best Bond film, people tend to have some very strong opinions: for every fan that claims 007 had his heyday in the ’60s there’s another who would argue in favour of more recent outings such as Casino Royale or Skyfall.

And while there are some films that tend to be left out of the ‘best ever’ conversation (Die Another Day, take a bow) there’s a solid argument to be made for just about any of the 24 official Eon productions.

With that in mind – and with No Time to Die still looming somewhere on the horizon – we’ve decided to run a poll to determine the most popular Bond film ever among RadioTimes.com readers.

And so over the next few weeks, we’ll be asking you to pick your favourite 007 movies, splitting the tournament into four rounds before the winners face off in a grand final.

In round one we’re asking you to pick your favourite film from the franchise’s early years – pitting all six of Sean Connery’s films against each other along with the sole George Lazenby outing.

Future rounds will focus on the Roger Moore films, the Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan films, and the Daniel Craig films respectively.

Last year, we ran a similar poll to determine the best actor to take on the lead role, with thousands of readers voting to crown the late Connery as champion – so there’s a good chance the winning film in this first round could go all the way.

So which early film gets your vote? Will you go for the first-ever Bond movie Dr No, or maybe the hugely popular follow-up From Russia with Love? Perhaps your favourite is the Roald Dahl penned You Only Live Twice – which boasted the first full appearance for Blofeld – or maybe you’ll opt for Lazenby’s only film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

Whatever your choice, there are no wrong answers – so check out the poll below. And if you need a quick refresh before casting your vote, don’t forget to check out our guide for how to watch the James Bond movies in order.

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