What’s wrong with Bonnie Kapoor’s son? Have you been laughing for 10 years or not .. this is the reason

Bonnie Kapoor, husband of late actress Sridevi, is currently continuing to produce Ajith films. He is currently producing the AK61 film following the images of face-to-face vision and strength.

Bonnie Kapoor’s first wife’s son Arjun Kapoor has been one of the most talked about people in the news lately. The reason is that he is in love with an actress named Malaika Aurora who is much older than him. Their wedding also looks set to take place soon.

In this situation, Arjun Kapoor has been smiling for 10 years. “Everyone looks at my face and says I’m never smiling. How can I tell them my smile has been with me for 10 years,” he said of his mother, Mona Kapoor, who died.

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