When to get married? Big Boss actress Ramya Pandian opens her mind for the first time

Ramya Pandian

Although actress Ramya Pandian has only acted in a few films, the photoshoot photos she posted made her hugely popular among the fans.

This was followed by Ramya Pandian who appeared in Bigg Boss Season 4 and came in the top 5. Following this, Ramya became a comedian in films and acted in Surya’s ‘Rame Andalum Ravane Andalum’.

When to get married

Also, recently participated in the Big Boss Ultimate show that aired 24 hours on Hotstar.

In this context, a fan recently questioned actress Ramya Pandian about her marriage after discussing it with fans on a social networking site.

He replied, “When I find someone for me, he wants to catch me too. Not for now.”

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