When will the shooting of Ajith’s 61st movie start- the next update

Strength is a film that made the people of Tamil Nadu celebrate on February 24 last. Bonnie Kapoor, H. Vinod, Ajith 3 is the second film prepared by the alliance.

The film has encountered many problems with the corona from beginning to end, which is why there have been some changes in the film.

Rs. The film was made on a budget of Rs 150 crore. It has become a hit with a gross of over Rs 200 crore. The production company also released the actual collection details.


Following the film, Ajith is back with Vinoth. The puja for the film has been put up recently and now the next update regarding the film has come.

A total of 75 days have been allotted for the film, which will take 7 to 10 days in Chennai. The crew will leave Chennai for Hyderabad on the 9th. Filming starts on April 11th.

Preliminary shooting is expected to continue for 30 days.

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