Where Are All the Alone Winners Now?


Surviving in the wild without any modern amenities is a skill most of us can only dream of. Yet, there is a specific group of people who find a certain appeal in living off the land. ‘Alone’ pits such weathered survivalists against each other and challenges them with the task of surviving the most number of days in complete wilderness. The contestants are allowed to choose ten specific things to bring along in the journey. They are then dropped off separately and are left to fend for themselves. To further increase the realism, the show refuses a TV crew and instead charges the contestants to self-document their experience. With season 8 now upon us, let’s take a look at the previous winners and where they are now, shall we?

Season 1: Alan Kay

Season 1 winner, Alan Kay, survived for 56 days in the wild. After winning the show, Alan noted that it took time for him to settle back into modern life. When Alan appeared on the show, he was already married and had children. Reports claim that since then, Alan has gone through a divorce.

There are also speculations about Alan dating ‘Alone’ season 2 participant Nicole Apelian with him even featuring on Nicole’s Instagram profile. However, even with some reports claiming that they are together, the rumor is still unsubstantiated. At present, Alan Kay owns and operates Wildland Studies Group, through which he holds classes on survival training, how to stay prepared, and self-defense. He travels around the United States, hosting classes in different places, and can even be contacted through email for more information.

Season 2: David McIntyre

David McIntyre brought home the season 2 prize after surviving for 66 days in the wilderness. After winning the competition, David fell back to his everyday life. He took up public speaking and preaching along with imparting his bushcraft knowledge through courses on YouTube. He also appeared in various events and shows to share his experience and impart his knowledge on survivalism. Moreover, David is also a successful author and has written a post-apocalyptic fiction series called ‘The Fall.’ In 2020, David and his family went through hard times when his daughter, Erin McIntyre fell severely ill and had to resort to fundraisers to help support her.

When Covid-19 took the world by storm in 2020, David McIntyre spoke to WZZM about how the survival skills he used to win season 2 could help people settle into the new normal. He also spoke about how being utterly alone in the wilderness affected his mental state and advised how people can escape that stage while practicing social distancing. Since David stopped using social media in 2020, his current whereabouts are unknown. However, it seems that the experienced survivalist is living out his days in private, away from prying eyes.

Season 3: Zachary Fowler

Season 3 saw the contestants dropped into the wilderness of Patagonia, Argentina. Zachary Fowler survived for an impressive 87 days and was declared the winner. After winning ‘Alone,’ Zachary used part of his prize money to buy a new car for his wife. Furthermore, to make things easier for his family, Zachary also paid off his debts and mentioned that he planned to construct a house. Unfortunately, in May 2018, Zachary and his wife, Jami Fowler, got officially divorced.

Jami later mentioned that she had to go through a lot of pressure and depression while Zachary was away on ‘Alone.’ Even though they tried to reconcile after the show, they could never bring their relationship back to where it was. However, the couple did decide to maintain a friendly relationship and co-parent their children. At present, Zachary runs a widely successful YouTube channel and draws viewers in with his charming personality. His videos offer helpful survival tricks and tips, albeit in a hilarious way. He also focuses a lot of his content on slingshot-based activities.

Season 4: Jim and Ted Baird

Season 4 had teams of two taking part in the competition. To bring a further twist to things, one team member was dropped off while the other was given a compass and dropped off 10 miles away with the added task of meeting up with their team member. Brothers Jim and Ted met up around the 10-day mark and survived 75 days together to win the prize money.

Jim and Ted kept up the exciting life even after their time in the show. Jim Baird undertook some risky trips, including a solo journey down the dangerous Kesagami river. He also started writing for several well-known publications and has produced a few video series alongside his brother. On the other hand, Ted now works as a videographer and photographer who has contributed to several publications and broadcasters, including BBC and Cineflix.

In 2018, the brother launched a limited original series on the network BeAlive. Through the series, the brothers wanted to showcase their first-hand experiences to their fans. Jim Baird is now married to his wife, Tori, and the couple is proud parents to their son. Ted, too is married to his wife, Heather, and together they share a love for the wilderness. Heather and Ted often go on adventures and post their experiences on social media. Both brothers also run separate YouTube channels through which they share their stories as well as tips and tricks about survivalism.

Season 5: Sam Larson

The youngest participant to win ‘Alone,’ Sam Larson, survived for 60 days to claim the prize money in season 5. Sam’s wife, Sydney, was already pregnant with their first child when Sam was away surviving in Vancouver Island. Two months after Sam returned home, the couple welcomed their firstborn, Alaska.

At present, Sam and his wife are proud parents to three children, including Alaska. They gave birth to a daughter in 2018 and another son in 2020. Sam is a family man, and his social media is a testament to the love he holds for his family. Moreover, Sam also loves imparting knowledge and holds regular classes on survivalism and bushcraft.

Season 6: Jordan Jonas

Season 6 winner Jordan Jonas survived for 77 days out in the wild. Like many of his co-participants, Jordan now runs various courses on adventurism and survivalism. He also has a successful YouTube channel through which he loves sharing his experiences and hands out small tips about surviving in the wild. Moreover, Jordan runs a small shop through his own website, where he sells a few custom-made memorabilia. He has also been featured in several publications and podcasts, including ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ and a recent feature in the well-known hunting magazine ‘Modern Huntsman.’

He is happily married to his wife, Janahlee, and the couple is proud parents to their wonderful children. Jordan’s whole family shares his love for the outdoors and often partake in his adventures. His love for his wife and children can be gauged from a heartfelt post on Instagram where he said, “Time on Alone, time away from family and free of distraction, gave me plenty of time to think about what’s important once everything else is stripped away.  Perhaps you can learn from my experience – it becomes clear out there that not much is more valuable than to spend focused time with the family and loved ones.”

Season 7: Roland Welker

Season 7 challenged each participant to spend 100 days in the wild in order to be crowned victorious. Roland Welker rose to the challenge and managed to overcome it, making him the only contestant to have survived for 100 days on ‘Alone.’ After his stint on ‘Alone,’ Roland took a break from his life in the wild and chose to spend some time with his father who lives in Central Pennsylvania. At present, Roland is back in his natural habitat putting his expert skills in trapping and hunting skills to use. Apart from being featured in multiple podcasts and publications, Roland also appears in several events through which he aims to inspire others by sharing his experiences.

Active on all social media platforms, Roland also has an active YouTube channel with content a survival lover will enjoy. He has also expressed his desire to organize camping trips in Alaska and Pennsylvania to get acquainted with people who share his love for the outdoors. Life in the wild holds a certain charm for Roland, and it looks like he won’t be letting go of it anytime soon.

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