Where Are Katie Phipps’ Children Now?


NBC’s ‘Dateline: The Pink Gun Mystery’ is an episode that profiles the tale of Robin Spielbauer’s homicide, whose body was found cold and bloodied on the side of a desolate road in Amarillo, on April 8, 2014 — the day after she was slain. But the one unexpected person whose world turned upside down due to this case was Katie Phipps. She was initially apprehended for murder, but the charge was dropped entirely over 15 months — or 466 days — later. During this time, though, Katie, imprisoned in county jail, was forced to leave her kids behind.

Who Are Katie Phipps’ Children?

As per her own accounts, Katie Phipps gave birth to both her children — a son and a daughter — while she was still a teenager. Growing up in Amarillo, Texas, she faced unfathomable hardships, but as soon as her children came into her life, she decided to break the cycle of trauma and sour environments. Thus, while her friends prepared for college, Katie became willing to raise her kids, work, and provide for them to the best of her abilities. She tried and thrived as a single mother for years, yet things took a turn when she tied the knot with Jeremy Spielbauer, Robin’s ex-husband, in 2013.

After all, owing to her volatile relationship with the victim, she was arrested on April 11, 2014, right before her 12-year-old son, Diego. He had to watch his mother get taken into custody at gunpoint and then take care of his sister. Ultimately, it was his cellphone GPS data, along with her own, that helped clear Katie’s name. Experts from Google and AT&T said cellphone tracking from wi-fi was consistent with her statements of being at a friend’s home with her son at the time (and until well after) Robin was killed.

Where Are Katie Phipps’ Children Now?

After Katie Phipps was released from jail in mid-2015, she gave numerous interviews, where she briefly spoke of her two children and explained that they prefer to lead very private lives due to public scrutiny. Under the safe custody of separate kins, she stated, “my kids are 1,500 miles apart from each other.” Katie then added, “I did tell my son when this was going on that we got two options: We can either crumble under the pressure of this, or we can rise to a whole new level of epicness. And we chose to rise. He’s been a trooper, and that kid’s been through it.”

Continuing to say that she, as an Amarillo native, intends to keep living in the city and have her kids here as well, Katie mentioned Robin in passing as well. By connecting the situation with her own girl, she said that she’s sorry for what happened even though she had no hand in the matter. “I do not want to know what it feels like to lose a child,” Katie declared, “I have a daughter; I don’t want to know that pain.” As for where they are today, while any information regarding her daughter is unclear, it appears as if Diego Phipps has graduated from high school and is keen on graphic designing. They continue to keep their distance from the media and spotlight.

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