Where Are Too Hot to Handle Couples Now?


Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ is an interesting reality show which brings together contestants and then offers them a hefty cash prize in exchange for abstinence from sex. The show tests the participants’ willpower to refrain from any sexual contact even while living in such close proximity with each other. The show also gave way to the formation of several couples who seemed like they were in it for the long run. Naturally, as with all reality shows, things change drastically after the cameras stop rolling, and thus fans often wonder if the couples on the show remained together in real life. Let’s find out if the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ couples are still together, shall we?

Harry and Francesca

Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey met for the first time on the sets of ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ The couple showed a lot of chemistry on-screen. They took to each other and quickly became a fan-favorite couple. Seeming to be very much in love, the couple even ended up getting a lot of their prize money slashed as they broke numerous rules during their tenure on the show. Harry and Francesca parted the show as a couple and seemed like they would stand the test of time.

Although the couple mentioned that they got acquainted with each other’s families shortly after the cameras stopped rolling, cracks soon appeared in their relationship. The biggest issue in their relationship was the distance as Harry is from Australia and Francesca is from British Columbia. The couple did want to get engaged, and they even took a trip to Australia together. Still, fate had other plans, and the problems in their relationship made them take a break for a few months.

Following their split, Harry and Francesca found it difficult to live without each other, and soon the couple reconciled after Harry got drunk and reached out to Francesca. The two seemed happy together, and Harry even moved to Los Angeles, which brought the duo closer to each other. 2020 saw a ‘Too Hot To Handle’ reunion on Zoom where Harry proposed to Francesca using a Ring Pop candy. Though Francesca accepted, she said she believed proposals should be done in person and did not consider this official. With everything going well for the couple, their breakup in June 2020 came as a massive shock.

In a video titled ‘Our Break Up,’ Francesca revealed that even though she loved Harry, there were too many problems in their relationship and that the breakup was to preserve their mental health. Harry also took to social media and explained how the relationship would have doomed them both. However, in May 2021, speculations regarding the couple’s relationship sparked when they took a trip together in Mexico. It was reported that Francesca was waiting for her US visa in Mexico when Harry joined her there. The couple seemed to be comfortable with each other and even celebrated Harry’s 24th birthday together.

However, on June 2, 2021, Francesca broke her silence about their short reconciliation. On ‘The Domenick Nati Show,’ she said, “We were getting back together. We were getting to know each other slowly. And then, he was just being extremely disrespectful to me online.” Addressing her relationship status, the reality star added, “I’m the most single I’ve ever been. I’m super, super single. I hate everyone pretty much.” So there you have it! Following the recent developments, we can certainly say that Harry and Francesca aren’t even on good terms.

Sharron and Rhonda

Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul also met for the first time during the filming of ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ Initially, Sharron was scared of committing to just one single person, and it clearly showed in his character. However, things changed when he met Rhonda. Rhonda, a single mother, captivated Sharron and the couple quickly took to each other. Their connection seemed genuine, and the couple was truly in love. Fans believed that their connection was of a lifetime as the coupe was extraordinarily understanding and always compromised when needed. Sharron even got the opportunity to meet Rhonda’s son.

Sharron and Rhonda did try to make their relationship work after the cameras stopped rolling, and they were happy for the first few months. However, distance came in the way, and Sharron also got distracted by family issues which led to him giving less attention to Rhonda. Furthermore, the couple had planned on meeting each other, but the Covid-19 pandemic dashed their plans to the ground, further driving a wedge in their relationship.

In April 2024, Rhonda confirmed their breakup when in an interview with Women’s Health. She said, “Unfortunately, we are not [together]. We are the best of friends; we still do talk, as far as helping each other out, talking to each other, and things like that. With everything that’s going on now, we actually haven’t even had the time to meet since the show. It’s been very difficult with that space between us…so we kind of just agreed to be friends for now.”

Even during the show’s reunion, the couple pointed out that they were broken up though they remained pretty good friends with each other. The couple seemed pretty emotional about their breakup and revealed that they held their experiences together in the highest regard. Furthermore, it seemed like Sharron wanted another chance at the relationship when he revealed that he hoped that they might be able to make it work.

However, it looked as if Rhonda didn’t feel the same way as she expressed her desire to appear in other dating reality shows and even said, “Sharron and I are not together, but fortunately I have been able to rekindle a relationship with a special someone.” Even though it is unclear who the special someone is for Rhonda, it seems like Rhonda and Sharron’s chapter together is now closed permanently.

David and Lydia

David Birtwistle and Lydia Clyma got close during their time on the show. Lydia entered the show later than usual, and immediately the duo took to each other. David’s description of his dream girl seemed to match Lydia exactly, and the two were very comfortable with each other. However, David and Lydia never got together officially during their time on the show.

After the cameras stopped rolling, the duo revealed that they decided not to get together but to remain good friends. They follow each other on Instagram and even kept up a friendly banter on social media. Furthermore, there were rumors about Lydia dating another contestant, Bryce Hirschberg, but the rumors were neither confirmed nor denied by the duo. In April 2020, in an interview with Esquire, David hinted at being in a relationship, although he did not reveal the identity of his significant other. Furthermore, he also said that the Covid-19 lockdown was forcing him to take a slow approach to the relationship.

However, a few days after the interview, David posted an Instagram picture that seemed to point towards a single relationship status. Moreover, in 2020, Lydia revealed that she became a mother when she was 19, but that information was kept from the other contestants on the show. At present, it seems like both Lydia and David are single as there have been no further reports linking them to other people. Moreover, their social media profiles are full of their single pictures, and the absence of a significant other can be clearly felt. A post on David’s Instagram also hints at him wanting to start dating again. Lydia and David are living life on their own terms and seem to be happy in the place they are in right now.

Bryce and Nicole

Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien were an improbable pairing during the show. Neither did the duo pursue a relationship, nor did they interact much with each other. Bryce was instead taken up with Chloe. However, to the surprise of fans, Nicole and Bryce got together right after the filming ended. Furthermore, the couple kept their relationship on the down-low and went public with it only in April 2020. Initially, things seemed fine between the couple, and even with Bryce in California and Nicole shuttling between London and Ireland, the couple made things work.

However, the distance soon brought cracks in their relationship. The couple could rarely give time to each other, and the Covid-19 pandemic shut down any plans of meeting or traveling. Still, they tried to connect through Facetime, but ultimately, in May 2020, sources reported that the couple had decided to separate. Talking about their split, Bryce said, “After the many failed attempts to reunite due to quarantine and border restrictions, we decided that moving on and remaining friends would be our best option for the time being.”

After separating, reports claimed that Bryce was spotted flirting with multiple women. There were also rumors about him dating fellow contestant Lydia Clyma, but that was soon proven false. At present, both Bryce and Nicole seem to be single and are enjoying life to the fullest. Moreover, there have been no new reports linking them romantically to other people. However, the friendships formed on the show still live on and are treasured by most of the contestants.

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