Where Are Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Contestants Now?


Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett after they got the basic idea from the well-loved ‘Seinfeld’ episode entitled ‘The Contest,’ Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a reality dating series. The rules here are simple: a group of young and attractive individuals from all across the globe has to forge meaningful connections with no physical intimacy. This celibacy challenge includes no kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind. And as we have seen over its two-season run, that is torture for the contestants. So, let’s find out how the second season’s cast is faring now, shall we?

10. Cam Holmes

From Newport, South Wales, Cam Holmes is a self-proclaimed “sexy nerd” who loves to have a good time and get crafty with the ladies whenever he deems fit. When he joined the program, he also admitted that he tends to jump ship whenever a bond gets serious due to fear of getting or causing hurt. Yet, as time passed, we saw him grow in a way few individuals rarely do on reality television. So now, with a new outlook on life, Cam continues to work as a personal trainer and model with FOMO models. He appears to be enjoying the opportunities his new job as a public figure has brought to him as well.

9. Carly Lawrence

When Carly Lawrence stepped onto the shores of the luxurious island villa on the Turks and Caicos Islands for this Netflix original show, she claimed to be a man-eater on a prowl who loathes being told what to do. However, not only did she comprehend the purpose of this experiment fairly quickly despite breaking a few rules, but she also showed absolute progress that turned her into someone new entirely. Thus, she, too, is enjoying life in the outside world. Apart from splitting her time between California and Toronto to advance as a model, Carly seems to be establishing herself as an influencer as well.

8. Chase DeMoor

At 6’5″, Chase DeMoor is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. The 24-year-old Arizona-based football player has traveled all over the world due to his profession and recently achieved wonders in the same. Serving as the defensive lineman for the Houston Linemen in the Spring League this year, his team won the championship. Plus, it appears as if he is starting to model and create a strong name for himself in the entertainment industry. Chase’s good looks, athletic features, and personality are sure to help him along the way.

7. Elle Monae

Elle Monae is a health and beauty social media influencer. In her 20s, she already has a substantial presence on Instagram and TikTok, along with a relatively successful YouTube channel. The vegan Washington native also owns and operates a brand aptly called Star X Crossed, where she sells a myriad of zodiac sign-related accessories, including necklaces, crop tops, shorts, and hoodies. Moreover, as per her recent Instagram posts, it looks like she’s an aspiring model as well, hoping to be signed with an agency very soon.

6. Emily Faye Miller

Emily Faye Miller had no interest in commitment when we first met her on ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ Yet, she found a partner in Cam early on and became attached to him throughout the production, helping both of them develop and grow for the better. Thus, now, with that progress, she’s living her life to the best of her abilities in London, England. Signed with FOMO Models under the creatives group, Emily continues to serve as a model and public figure. Apart from her work, she even shows off her adorable dog Twix on her social media platforms from time to time.

5. Joey Joy

From sunny Miami, Florida, Joey Joy is the idyllic mix of American, Greek, and Italian. From what we can tell, the young athletic figure seems to like utilizing his time in the city to play all kinds of sports, whether it’s football, basketball, or water-related activities like surfing. Joey used to be a wide receiver and slotback for his team in school, and it looks like he has stuck to that path. If it’s not sports, though, he spends his time traveling across the nation and examining all that it has to offer. Joey claims to be a “Pawp Stawr 💫” on his Instagram bio.

4. Marvin Anthony

From Paris, France, Marvin Anthony is a model, athlete, entrepreneur, and reality television personality. Before being cast for ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ he starred on season 1 of ‘Love Island’ in France, season 5 of ‘Les Marseillais vs. le Reste du Monde,’ and season 8 of ‘Les Princes de l’Amour,’ all reality programs in the country. With a Master’s degree in Finance, he also owns and operates a concierge firm called IZIRES and has utilized his 6’4″ height to play basketball semi-professionally. Marvin appears to be living his dream life, and nothing can bring him down.

3. Melinda Melrose

From Brooklyn, New York, Melinda Melrose is a model through and through. Despite her unconventional height, 5’5″, she managed to achieve success in the industry thanks to her tenacity, hard work, and personality. Not one to shy away from most circumstances, she seized her chances when they arose and “created my own runway I’m not too short for,” according to her Instagram bio. From changing outfits in a portable washroom for work on the streets of New York to being on a billboard in Times Square, Melinda has done it all.

2. Nathan Webb

As an Englishman chasing the American Dream, Nathan Webb is a Texas-based former stripper who now spends most of his time traversing the state and nation, hanging out at all the cities’ hot spots and falling deeper in love with everything country. He works as a public figure and has a TikTok, Cameo, OnlyFans, Snapchat, and the standard Instagram profile for the same. On the latter, Nathan shows off his occupation, travels, and pet Rottweiler Holly whenever possible. He is simply enjoying his experiences as an English Cowboy in Dallas.

1. Tabitha Clifft

Tabitha Clifft is a London-based fitness fanatic and Integrated Nutritionist and Health Coach certified by the IIN. She owns and operates a brand by the name of Glow by Tabitha for her profession in the industry, where she provides different programs to females to help improve their appearances and overall lifestyles. She aims to make her clients appreciate themselves once again. Apart from physical health, Tabitha also focuses on other aspects of self-care and well-being, which are evident from her social media platforms.

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