Where is Natasha White Now?

Where is Natasha White Now?
Where is Natasha White Now?
Where is Natasha White Now?

Where is Natasha White Now?

Natasha White is the scorned ex-girlfriend of Zachary Sanders who was sentenced to jail for intentionally utilizing her car as a weapon to kill Zachary by operating over him in a bout of intoxicated rage. This occurred in 2007. Did Natasha actually imply to kill her ex, the person she claimed to like? What was the sentence given to her? Where is she now? We’re right here to offer you all of the solutions to those questions.

Who’s Natasha White?

Natasha White, 31-year-old (as of 2007) mom of a teenage boy, was having a clandestine affair with Zachary Sanders for the higher a part of three years. Zachary determined that he didn’t need to keep it up with Natasha and would relatively marry the mom of his youngsters and girlfriend of 11 years, Latoshia Renee Richardson (higher referred to as Renee). Natasha was not happy being dumped and bought right into a drunken combat with Zach on the night of March 31, 2007, exterior the Rubicon Pub in Orange, New Jersey (Where Natasha labored as a bartender).

As per the eyewitness accounts of Renee (who had arrived on the scene whereas Zach and Natasha had been engaging in a shouting match) and Zach’s good friend Desmond Jones, Natasha had rammed her car into Zach’s parked car not as soon as, not twice however thrice. The third time, she had meant to run over Zach and Renee however they’d jumped out of hurt’s manner on the final minute.

The same scene had repeated itself 9 days later, solely with out Renee and Jones being current. As an alternative, Zach had been with one other good friend Bernard Kelly, when Natasha once more got here to angrily confront her ex-boyfriend. They’d each been intoxicated. Outdoors the same bar on April 09, 2007, Natasha fought with Zach after which bought into her Lexus and purposefully rammed into Zach, flipping him on the hood and dragging his physique just a few ft down the road. Eyewitnesses testified that Zach had banged on the hood of the car shouting at her to cease however Natasha didn’t let up the gasoline pedal or brake.

In her defence, Natasha stated that she didn’t intend to kill him however that Zach’s loss of life was a tragic accident. She had solely meant to drive off however apparently Zach had jumped on prime of her car’s hood, scaring her and inflicting her to flooring the accelerator in a frenzy. Natasha claimed in courtroom throughout her trial that she was not responsible of homicide. However the jury had not agreed and located her responsible on at least 10 counts of illegal behaviour that night, including first-degree homicide. The choose sentenced her to 40 years of jail time, specifying that she can be eligible for parole after serving 85% of her sentence.

Where is Natasha White Today?

Throughout her courtroom trial, many family and friends including her teenaged son had pleaded for mercy for Natasha, testifying that she was an upstanding citizen and a superb mom. However the choose and the jury felt otherwise, as Natasha had let her rage get the higher of her and in a violent burst of anger, purposefully killed her ex, Zachary Sanders. She was convicted for first-degree homicide and sentenced to 40 years in jail. Since then, Natasha has appealed for a re-trial in 2013 however that bought rejected. She once more appealed for post-conviction reduction (PCR) in 2016, however her petition was rejected but once more and the courtroom reaffirmed its authentic sentence. Natasha White continues to be serving her time in jail.

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