Where is Tom Oar Now? Is He Dead or Alive? Did He Leave Mountain Men?


Would you voluntarily wish to live off the grid in the modern age of technology, surviving on your skills and what nature has to offer? Most people would answer no, but there are some who willingly and enjoyably live in the wilderness. Such people are the subject of the hit reality series ‘Mountain Men.’ One of the most popular faces on the show is Tom Oar, a former cowboy living in the Yaak River Valley.

As Oar was absent from the last batch of episodes of the show’s most recent ninth season, fans have become concerned with his fate. What happened to Oar? Did he leave the show? Where is he now? Such questions must be rocking your mind if you are a regular viewer of the show. In that case, allow us to provide the answers. Here’s everything we know about Tom Oar’s whereabouts and whether he will return to ‘Mountain Men.’

Where is Tom Oar Now? Is He Dead or Alive?

Tom Oar first appeared on ‘Mountain Men’ in the very first episode, which introduced the trapper and his wife, who reside at a vast spread of isolated property in Yaak River Valley of Northwestern Montana. A skilled hunter, and survivalist, Tom Oar faced the harsh winters of Montana season after season, living a life away from technology or any modern luxuries. His kind and warm mannerisms and his love for life in the wilderness quickly made him a fan favorite.

First of all, we’d like to inform you that the now seventy-something-year-old Oar is alive, hale, and hearty. His advancing age made fans wonder if the physically demanding nature of his job could be a health hazard for Oar, but so far, he has shown no signs of slowing down. Where Oar and his wife currently reside is a bit of a mystery. The possibility of Oar retiring and moving to Florida with his wife to live with the rest of his family has been touted since season four. However, Oar has returned season after season and looks after his Yaak River Valley property on the show. Therefore, it is possible that Oar and his wife Nancy are splitting their time between living in Northwestern Montana and Florida.

Did Tom Oar Leave Mountain Men?

Tom Oar has been a main cast member of ‘Mountain Men’ since season one, and his last appearance so far has come in the season 9 finale titled ‘The Big Reckoning,’ in which he tests out a handmade canoe. Oar celebrated his seventy-seventh birthday in the tenth episode of season 9 titled ‘Tom’s Big Day.’ In the episode, Oar expressed that while he is getting old, he is not yet ready to leave the rugged lifestyle of Montana anytime soon. However, Oar does not appear in the subsequent ‘Meltdown’ series of episodes in the next season, which sparked the speculation that Oar has quietly exited the series.

As of now, there is no indication that the Illinois-born trapper is leaving the series. It is possible that Oar was in Florida with his family at the time the additional episodes of season 9 were being filmed and therefore did not appear in them. Neither History Channel, Oar, nor the show’s producers have made any public announcements regarding Oar leaving the show. His name still appears on the roster of cast members on History’s website, and so it seems like he has not quit ‘Mountain Men’ just yet.

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