Where Was Dream Horse Filmed?


Featuring stand-out performances by Owen Teale, Damian Lewis, and Academy Award nominee Toni Collette, ‘Dream Horse’ is a sportscomedy movie that recounts the story of a Welsh bartender named Jan Vokes who, without any experience, successfully breeds and raises a champion racehorse, Dream Alliance. Inspired by a true story, the movie manages to get viewers hooked to the very end, some of whom may naturally wish to learn more about the film’s shooting locations. In case you find yourself wondering about the same, we have you covered!

Dream Horse Filming Locations

The biographical comedy-drama was filmed almost entirely in Wales and England. Located in the southwest part of the United Kingdom, the constituent country is famous for its Celtic culture and the unique Welsh language. On the other hand, England is well-known around the world for its pop music, tea, football, food, rich history, and ancient universities. Filming for the Euros Lyn directorial was done in several places in these two countries, so without wasting any more time, let’s learn more about the specific shooting locations.

Blaenavon, Wales

Located in the Torfaen county borough, Blaenavon is one of many filming locations for ‘Dream Horse.’ The production of the biographical comedy-drama commenced sometime around May 2019. Blaenavon stood in for Cefn Fforest, where Jan Vokes bred her horse. As a result, in mid-May 2019, the residents of the town had to deal with the closure of Broad Street, Forgeside Road, Commercial Street, Ivor Street, Market Street, and William Street.

Filming for a lot of exterior scenes, including the ones in which Dream can be seen playing in the field as a colt was done here. In addition, local people were used as extras to shoot several vital scenes in ‘Dream Horse.’

Chepstow, Wales

Filming for the movie was also done in Chepstow. Located in Monmouthshire, the scenes in which Jan and Brian Vokes meet for the first time were filmed in this town. Moreover, the shooting for the first and the final race in the movie, both of which undoubtedly capture the crucial moments, took place in Chepstow Racecourse located at Saint Lawrence Road, Chepstow NP16 6BE.

Other Locations in Wales

The scene in which Howard and Jan meet for the first time at a working men’s club was actually filmed at the Brewery club in Rhymney. The exterior and interior shots for Brian and Jan’s house as well interior shots for Jan’s parent’s house were taken in Sully in Vale of Glamorgan at a bungalow.

The training arena of Philip Hobbs and the stud farms were both shot in Tim Vaughan’s stables located at Pantwilkin Stables in Aberthin, Cowbridge CF71 7GX. Shooting for the movie also took place in Glanusk Estate, located near the town of Crickhowell. In addition, some aerial shots, along with Howard’s office scenes at the start of the movie, were filmed in Cardiff.

Another prominent filming location is Blaina, where Angela and Howard’s house scenes, along with the couple’s confrontation was filmed. Although the real-life Jan works in the local Asda, the scenes capturing those moments of her life were in Co-op located at Brown Street, Pentrebach, Merthyr Tydfil CF48 4BG. All the meetings of the syndicate at a working men’s club in Taff’s Well.

Newbury, England

One of many filming locations for the movie is Newbury, located in the county of Berkshire. The densely populated city is famous for its racecourses. The Newbury Racecourse reportedly doubled as Aintree in the third race, while the two essential racecourse scenes in the movie were seemingly shot in the Berkshire course. The Newbury Racecourse is located at Newbury Racecourse in Racecourse Road, Newbury RG14 7NZ.

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