Who are the nominees in “The House of Famous 3”

Who are the nominees in "The House of Famous 3"

After weeks of mystery, on January 17, Telemundo premiered “The house of celebrities 3″, the most popular reality show on the Hispanic channel in the United States that has seen Alice Machado and yvonne montero be crowned as the winners of the two previous installments.

For this new edition, the production led by Jimena Gallego and Hector Sandarti has decided to combine both celebrities, among which actresses, models and influencers stand out, with figures from the public, who were put to a vote before entering the Telemundo program. .

With almost two weeks since its premiere, there are already two characters who have left the program, one due to elimination and the other due to abandonment, so the production is in search of the third elimination of the season.

The Nominates Of “The House Of Famous”

In the last week, the Telemundo reality show has seen Rey Grupero rise as the leader of the house, announcing that he would nominate Pepe Gamez , a promise he kept in the confessional, unlike his partner Nicole Chavez, who at the last minute ended up choosing another contestant.

To this is added that Cynthia Klitbo’s ex- boyfriend he was the winner of the second test and earned immunity from nomination, the suite, and the benefit of saving a nominee.

Similarly, for the first time in the season, five celebrities are in the elimination zone: Madison Anderson, Pepe Gamez, Raúl Garcia, Jose Rodriguez and Liliana Rodriguez .

The third season began with 19 participants, although for next Monday, one of the aforementioned, and who is not saved by Rey Grupero, will leave the program, which will remain with 16 members.

How To Vote In “The House Of Famous”?

If what you are looking for is to save your favorite celebrity, Telemundo made its website available to choose the celebrities you want to eliminate. (may contain area restrictions) to go to the website of the Hispanic channel in the United States and select the participant you want to eliminate.

It should be noted that there is a way to avoid elimination and that is immunity, an option that has been used Aristeo Cazares and the Group King.

Group King Saves Jose Rodriguez

The Mexican singer kept his promise to protect the members of his group in “La Casa de los Famosos” and saved Jose Rodriguez because, as he indicated, he wants to remain calm and be at peace with his companions.

As recalled, by winning the weekly challenge, the Mexican had the chance to save one of the nominees.


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