Who is Dennis SanSoucie? Where is He Now?

Where is Dennis SanSoucie Now? Was He Aaron Hernandez's Secret Gay Lover?, When were first introduced to Aaron Hernandez in Netflix's latest true crime docuseries, Killer Inside, we see him as a talented, hardworking, self-made man, who has a loving partner and daughter, and a beautiful home. And when we first take a peek into his past, were told by school friends and neighbours that Aaron had

Who is Dennis SanSoucie? Where is He Now?

After we’re first introduced to Aaron Hernandez in Netflix‘s latest true crime docuseries, ‘Killer Inside’, we see him as a proficient, hardworking, self-made man, who has a loving partner and daughter, and a beautiful home. And after we first take a peek into his previous, we’re informed by School mates and neighbours that Aaron had a reasonably regular childhood. He then went on to marry his high school sweetheart. Virtually excellent. But why would a person like him throw the whole lot up by murdering individuals after which end his own life?

Because the docuseries progresses we be taught concerning the totally different facets of his life, finally piecing collectively Hernandez’s twin life. We be taught that he had a troubled childhood stuffed with abuse and darkish secrets, which will have performed an important position in how issues turned out for him. ‘Killer Inside’ does this brilliantly effectively by making use of a non-linear narrative construction. It captures the responses of the people who have been part of his life and people whose lives got affected by him.

It’s by means of this that we’re introduced to Dennis SanSoucie, a School buddy of Aaron’s. Dennis attended Bristol Central High School with Aaron and performed soccer with him. He gives particulars about Aaron’s childhood and their bond. It is just in direction of the tip of the primary a part of the docuseries that he reveals their, one which will have been one of many dominoes within the main domino impact that led Aaron to commit such horrific acts. But Who is Dennis SanSoucie? And Where is he now?

High School Teammates

Aaron and Dennis have been mates from the time the 2 have been in middle-school. But their bond grew nearer as the 2 performed soccer for Bristol Central High School. Dennis served as a quarterback, whereas Aaron was a tightrope for the staff. Within the first 4 video games of their junior yr, the pair had already had 9 landing completions. The 2 smoked marijuana collectively – earlier than School, practices and video games. They even walked into the primary day of junior High “baked”.

Hernandez, whose father was additionally a star athlete of the city, went on to shine within the area. In the course of the season, Hernandez caught 67 passes for 1,807 yards, setting state data. This caught the eye of school recruiters from throughout. He was first provided scholarship from UConn on the age of 14, But finally selected to play for the Gators in Florida.

Secret Relationship

Secret Relationship

SanSoucie revealed that the 2 first started exploring a sexual relationship in center School, which continued in high school. He said, “Me and Aaron all the time had an excellent relationship and bond, But in center School it had progressed to only greater than mates”. He revealed that the 2 have been in denial about what they have been doing. But with how shut the bond was, he said that they have been just about in a relationship collectively.

SanSoucie additionally spoke concerning the homophobia that surrounded them which made them conceal their relationship. He said that their lives would have been ruined if individuals got to know. This was partially resulting from their conventional neighborhood, but in addition largely due to Hernandez’s home and his father’s deep homophobia. He additionally went on to say:

“It didn’t matter what age we have been, we wouldn’t even know how one can stay with ourselves. We had shared some sexual exercise collectively and it continued into high school But we didn’t need anybody to know.”

Abuse and Homophobia in Aaron’s Life

Within the docuseries, we be taught from SanSoucie and Aaron’s brother DJ, that Aaron’s father, Dennis Hernandez was a violent man who was identified to be bodily abusive in direction of his spouse and youngsters. He as soon as gave Aaron a black eye when he got caught consuming earlier than a School dance.

DJ additionally revealed that their father was apprehensive about Aaron having a female facet, which was fully unacceptable for him. Dennis intently watched how his son “stood or used his palms”. He additionally continually used to slur “faggot”. He turned enraged a younger Aaron expressed curiosity in cheerleading due to his older cousins. DJ went on to disclose that Aaron was sexually abused by an older child who compelled Aaron to carry out oral intercourse. One thing he by no means got over. A university girlfriend later admitted that Aaron had spoken to her about being molested as a toddler, “He by no means handled it. It led to points in his sexuality”.

Where is Dennis SanSoucie Now?

After high school, Dennis SanSoucie went to affix the forces and served as US Marine. Similar to soccer turned Aaron’s beard, navy was SanSoucie’s manner of holding his sexuality a secret, as each of those are historically thought of to be aggressively masculine. It is just after he discovered about Aaron’s suicide in 2017, he determined to come back out for the primary time to his family and mates. He was in his late 20s on the time, and Aaron’s dying deeply troubled him. He believed Aaron was “drained, depressed and struggling” in any case that life had been for him. But it was additionally by means of Aaron that he felt the braveness to come back out, “I actually, truly feel in my coronary heart I got the thumbs-up from him”.

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