Who is Ernestina Pais and what happened to the Argentine TV presenter?

Ernestina Pais is known for her performances in famous television shows . He also has social networks with many followers that have made him even more famous as a celebrity.

During the Bien de Tomorrow broadcast on ElTrece during the week, they confirmed that the presenter had suffered minor injuries due to an intra-family conflict . The police even intervened to make sure that everything was in order.

Who is Ernestina Pais, the Argentine TV presenter?

At the age of 51, Ernestina Pais is the presenter of Manhas Publicas , one of the programs on public television. He started his professional career at Radio Uno in 1999. Although he entered the world of television in 2003, he also continued to work on radio programs.

Among her most important recognitions is the Martin Fierro Award 2006 in the category “Work as a female animation presenter on the radio “. Privately, she maintained a relationship with Alejandro Guyot and they had their son Benicio.

What happened to Ernestina Pais?

Ernestina Pais had a family conflict at home, as she explained this Monday, September 25, in the program Bien de Tomorrow by Fabian Doman . According to some reports, the confrontation took place with his 19-year-old son Benicio.

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When the police arrived to check what had happened, Ernestina had some injuries such as bruises on her arms and bites. The celebrity was visited by the city’s gender violence team, but did not file a complaint against her son.

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