Who is your favourite superhero in the MCU? Vote now in round 3

Who is your favourite superhero in the MCU? Vote now in round 3

The third round of voting in our Marvel Cinematic Universe mega poll is now open, with another batch of popular superheroes facing a public vote in order to find out who can really be called Earth’s mightiest.

There will be four initial rounds of voting to start, with the top two winners from each battling it out in a final stand-off that will crown the champion of all champions.

The competition got underway last month, with the first bout seeing Iron Man and Spider-Man secure their places in the final, while Disney Plus stars Scarlet Witch and Loki stormed through in the second.

The third round looks to be another close contest, with eight more of Marvel’s iconic characters going head-to-head in the hopes of cracking into the final stage.

Leading this week’s randomised group is a relatively new addition to the MCU, that being Florence Pugh’s deadly spy Yelena Belova, who debuted in summer blockbuster Black Widow and will soon reappear in Hawkeye.

Bastion of nobility Steve Rogers is next up and sure to be a favourite, given that he’s a founding member of the Avengers and recently bowed out of the franchise with an emotional final scene in Endgame.

But don’t underestimate reformed thief Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, who has proven himself more than capable of fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the MCU’s strongest heroes across two solo films and two memorable team-ups.

Groot has become perhaps the most unpredictable figure in the Marvel Studios films, starting out as an old and deceptively wise tree-person, before being reborn as an adorable baby and, later, a moody teenage sapling.

Also competing here is the Sorcerer Supreme himself Doctor Strange, who is soon to return to multiplexes with the much-anticipated Multiverse of Madness, due for release next summer.

Karen Gillan’s Nebula is also a strong option, having become a major fan-favourite following her heartfelt redemption story, which unfolded across the colossal crossover films Infinity War and Endgame.

Meanwhile, Vision won over a horde of new fans during the rollout of Disney Plus smash-hit WandaVision, which saw him trapped in a nightmarish sitcom-style alternate reality with his grieving wife.

Last but certainly not least, Shang-Chi has already made a big impression in the short time since he joined the MCU, making several high-profile avenging allies after his magical first adventure.

So, those are your options – but now comes the hard part. Which hero will get your support in round three? Vote now!

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