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Who was Flow La Movie’s wife, Debbie Jimenez? Age, Instagram, Net worth, and more!

Who was Flow La Movie’s wife, Debbie Jimenez? Age, Instagram, Net worth, and more!: One another tragic incident took the life of a family and made everyone mourn their demise. One of the names of the deceased was Debbie Jimenez who was the wife of Flow La Movie, who also became a casualty in the jet crash which has happened on Wednesday. She was an entrepreneur and Instagram influencer. She was also best known as the partner of Flow La Movie and the mother of his son. On Wednesday, 15th December 2021, the family of 3 lost their lives in a private jet crash in the Dominican Republic. The news has saddened several music fans of Puerto Rican as Flow La Movie was one of the prominent names in the world of music. Follow More Update On Khatrimaza.uno

Who was Flow La Movie’s wife, Debbie Jimenez?

Flow La Movie and Debbie Jimenez had yet to claim the official title of husband and wife. Jimenez was the long-time partner of the musicking, Flow La Movie. Even so, the two were in a loving and happy relationship and had a family of their own. Flow La Movie and Debbie were parents to their 4-year-old son, Jayden Hernandez, born from their union. Unfortunately, the little soul also died in the crash. The demise of the prominent family and 6 other people in the jet crash shocked Puerto Rico.

Debbie Jimenez Age And Biography Explored

At the time of passing Debbie Jimenez was 31 years old. In the meantime, we have still need to acquire the actual insiders for her birthday. Her boyfriend Flow La Movie, was 38 years old during his demise. Jimenez was a renowned Instagram celebrity in her country. Her photos and relationship with Flow La Movie gained the spotlight all the time. As of today, the sad demise news of the couple has made international headlines.

Debbie Jimenez Net Worth

Debbie Jimenez did not reveal her exact net worth figures when she was alive. Though, it is for sure that she lives a comfortable and luxurious life from her earnings. She enjoyed several sources of income, including her business, brand promotions, Instagram fame, and her ventures with Flow La Movie. Instagram was her chief source of selling her products as she is still popular on Instagram. The forthcoming decision of her team on her business still needs to be made.

As we earlier reported Flow La Movie and his partner Debbie Jimenez have died in a plane crash. Jimenez was a social media figure and entrepreneur. She was the longtime partner of producer Flow La Movie. She recently died with her family in a Florida-Bound Jet Crash. Flow owned a record label and endorsed hit artists including, Nio Gracia and Casper Magico. He was responsible for the successful “Te Bote” featuring Nicky Jam, Ozuna, and Bad Bunny. He produced songs for artists such as J Balvin, Anuel AA, and Don Omar.

Debbie Jimenez: The Wife Or Partner Of Flow La Movie

Debbie Jimenez was the CEO of the clothing brand StilobyDebbie. The Puerto Rican music producer Flow La Movie and his partner Jimenez were together for 7 years prior to their tragic demise. She is not his wife as they did not get wedded. She was quite active on Instagram under the username @debbiejimenes and has more than 250k followers and 692 posts on her official Instagram account. Jimenez was among 9 people who died on 15th December 2021, in a crash of a private jet in the Dominican Republic. The Manifest of Aircraft confirmed the news of the demise of the family.

Flow La Movie’s and Debbie Jimenez Childrans

The Florida-bound Gulfstream IV jet took off from Isabela International Airport and attempted to make an emergency landing. It collided at a nearby Las Americas International Airport. The other commuters that passed away included Kellyan Hernandez and two teens aged 13 and 18. Their relationship with the duo still needs to be publicly disclosed. A 26-year-old crew member Veronica Estrella also died. Luis Alberto Elijuri Tancredo (47-years-old) and Emilio Herrera (32-years-old) were other crew members who passed in the crash.

The age of Debbie Jimenez was 31-years-old at the time of her passing. Her entire name is Debbie Von Marie Jimenez Gracia. Jimenez shared many photos with her family and son on Instagram. She looked to have loved oceans and beaches as she usually posted pictures from her vacations. Debbie had a good taste for luxurious clothes and bags. She was also interested in cars and possessors of a few exclusive vehicles.

Debbie Jimenez had a son, Jayden Hernandez, with her partner Flow La Movie. The child was also among those who died in the crash that has happened on Wednesday. Jayden was 4 years old. The Representatives for Flow or Debbie still need to be a comment on their demise. Many people took social media to share their condolences for the late family.

Our deepest thought with the departed souls of Jayden, Flow La Movie, and Debbie along with other victims of the jet crash, will rest in peace.

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