Who Was Taylor Hurt? How Did She Die?


Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ is a reality-based cooking game show wherein chefs turn a basket of random ingredients provided to them into the most delicious meals for a chance to win $10,000. Fans of this program may be familiar with former contestant Taylor Hurt, who captured the attention of the entire nation with her passion and unique dishes. Thus, when a recent episode closed with a title card that dedicated it to her “loving memory,” it became clear that she’s passed away. We’re, of course, saddened to hear about it, but we also can’t help but wonder what transpired.

Who Was Taylor Hurt?

At the age of 30, Taylor Hurt seemed to be living her dream. Coming from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, she worked as a sous chef at the Birdhouse Café and Cotton Blues before relocating to Brooklyn, New York. As an expert in the city, she worked at LaRina Pastificio and Vino, a modern Italian tavern known for serving handmade pastas, cocktails, and beer. Taylor had even created many original recipes and was successful enough to get her work published in the ‘Be Nourished’ cookbook. Over time, she’d served at a few restaurants in NYC, so her experience articulated her drive.

When Taylor was on ‘Chopped,’ she, unfortunately, didn’t win. Yet, she did enthrall the food community with her mouth-watering three-course meals and their brilliant presentation. Her fruitful life, though, was short-lived as she passed away on November 29, 2020. As per her obituary, her biggest goal was to, one day, star in a highly acclaimed cooking show, and she did that on her own. Taylor is survived by her caring parents Gary Hurt, Luvith Hurt, Del Sanders, and Kay Cameron, and sister Vivian Hurt. Her girlfriend at the time was Paige Pirtle, who still remembers and misses her.

How Did Taylor Hurt Die?

As of right now, a cause for Taylor Hurt’s death has not been made public, and neither her family nor her partner has spoken up about it. In fact, the cooking series was the only confirmation for many concerning her demise. A few speculated on why Taylor wasn’t active on her social media profiles, but no one ever imagined that her passing would be the sole reason. The last post on her Instagram account is dated November 19, 2020, precisely ten days before her untimely parting from this world. It promotes both her profession and Chef Katie Dixon’s cookbook ‘Be Nourished.’

With all that said, Brandi Emmons Lott on Facebook recently made a post that implied that Taylor might have succumbed to some type of addiction. Her caption said, “It was truly a blessing to get to see you again Taylor M. Hurt. You looked so confident on Chopped and I am so proud of you! Addiction is a horrible horrible thief!! We love you big Tater!!” Brandi, from what we can tell, is a Mississippi native as well, but we can’t confirm if she knew Taylor or anything about what happened personally. Therefore, until Taylor’s family reveals any details, if ever, speculation is all we have.

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