Why did NATURE apologize after their new song ‘Rica Rica’?


Why did NATURE articulate regret after their new song ‘Rica Rica’?: Nature, a South Korean K-pop band, has spoken out against the cultural appropriation controversy surrounding their most modern single. After a year and a half of away, the nine-member world team has returned with Rica Rica. Through their mockumentary series Nature Can’t Drag Down Admire This on January 13, 2022, they offered their comeback album, Rica Rica. Follow Extra Update On Khatrimaza.uno

Why did NATURE articulate regret after their new song ‘Rica Rica’?

On January 20, the girl team released a song teaser for Rica Rica, revealing followers bits of the upbeat new single moreover the choreography. Whereas followers had been expecting the team’s return, the song and teaser caught many off guards, with others accusing them of cultural infringement. Participants of the team will also be viewed wearing a bindi on their foreheads in the quick footage, which is a ordinary South Asian decoration. The participants’ jewelry and headgear have been also supposedly of South Asian foundation.

As adverse to South Asia, Rica Rica emphasised Native American and African cultural parts of their theory. The outfits looked to be inspired by the Ivory Fly’s Zaouli dancing tradition, per a Reddit member. In step with the netizen, the mockumentary Nature Can’t Drag Down Admire This underlined the Zaouli influence. Chaebin, a member of the team, confirmed this in an interview with Officially Kmusic.

Nature promises to be extra cautious subsequent time

The team sat down for an interview to bellow in regards to the cultural appropriation controversy at some stage in the controversy surrounding Rica Rica. Member Loha infamous that the team had no map of upsetting any cultural or ethnic teams and that that they had tried their hardest to have away from cultural appropriation by being “extra cautious.”Loha pledged that she and the comfort of the team would are trying to entire better the following time they made the identical mistake. Here is what she said, We have been extra cautious since we gape that this scenario (of cultural appropriation) is a touchy subject at the second. We had no map of disparaging various cultures, but participants and personnel will create certain that that that we proceed with prudence subsequent time.

But peaceful this take me back to the true fact of my tradition, the make-up the necklace the entirety

Nature did CA in rica rica and so they did no longer articulate regret nor acknowledge it, truly disappointing pic.twitter.com/YF9mmGsBJU

— nahi bolna (@btshumarijaan) January 24, 2022

NATURE have dug themselves valid into a gap they cant acquire out of. In what world is announcing “Rica Rica stands for Af-Rica” okay. To boot to to the Zaouli dance strikes, and the utilization of South Asian bindis/make-up, they wished to manufacture an “exotic” loyal by leeching off plenty of cultures

— ˗ˏˋ nature pics ˎˊ˗ (@nature_archives) January 22, 2022

I’m so dissatisfied with nature’s cb, girls turn out to be as soon as so valid they settle on to’ve continued with the concern theory. rica rica turn out to be as soon as meh, the MV “…” the CA

that they had so mighty potential why did they halt that ?!?

— rena♡⁷ (@bluegiyu) January 24, 2022

I know Nature concept they ate with Rica Rica, after they recorded the song and made the song video. Corporations need folks from various cultures to step in and present them hey that CA don’t halt it.

— Mirandaaa44 (@Mirandaaa441) January 25, 2022

Also, Nature’s special album Rica Rica dropped on January 24 KST. You are going to also gape the video appropriate here. With the album Girls and Plant life, the South Korean female team made its debut on August 3, 2018. Its first single Allegro Cantabile, which turn out to be as soon as inspired by Nodame Cantabile’s opening song, got plenty of praise, in conjunction with the Soribada Most productive K-Track Awards’ “New Artist of the Year.” You are going to also gape the obliging video of The South Koren album named Nature on their youtube. Reactions are full.

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