Why is Megan Boone Leaving The Blacklist?


The Blacklist‘ is a crime thriller television series that has enamored viewers with its twists and turns that are simply unpredictable yet emotionally wrecking for the characters as well as fans. As the show’s latest eighth season hurtles towards a conclusion, we are likely to receive answers about some long-standing mysteries which will certainly leave new ones in their wake.

Despite sitting out a handful of episodes, Elizabeth “Liz” Keen is at the center of all the chaos unleashed in season 8. Understandably so, since the eighth season is shaping up to be the character’s final story arc with reports emerging that actress Megan Boone who essays the part, is set to depart the hit show. If you are wondering about Boone’s potential exit, here’s everything you need to know.

Megan Boone’s Liz Keen has been integral to the success of ‘The Blacklist.’ The character’s tumultuous relationship with Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) has been a focal point of the show. A lot of Liz’s storylines have revolved around her trying to uncover the true identity of Red, only for him to deceive her time and again. However, after eight long seasons of drama, betrayals, shocking twists, and catching bad guys, Boone has reportedly decided to close the curtain on her time as Liz Keen on ‘The Blacklist.’

As per a report from Deadline, the actress is set to exit the series after the conclusion of its current eighth season. This means fans will get to watch Boone on their screens as Liz only one more time in the final episode of season 8. The news came as a shock to many as Boone was arguably indispensable, and it is hard to imagine the series going forward without the actress who has been part of ‘The Blacklist’ since its very first episode. However, as they say, the show must go on, and it indeed will go on as the procedural has been renewed for a ninth season.

Boone did not appear in a handful of episodes in the eighth season partly due to personal reasons and also due to her character’s current storyline in which Liz has become number one on the Blacklist and goes on the run. She later returns in season 8 episode 14, titled ‘Misère,’ and her storyline is set to be wrapped up in the season finale.

No specific reason behind the departure was given in the initial report, and no official comments have been made either by Boone, the show’s producers, or the network on the matter. However, it is being said that the actress and the producers were on the same page, and the decision was taken while season 8 was in production, which likely allowed the writers to bring Liz’s story to a satisfying ending.

It is possible that both Boone and the show’s creative team felt that Liz’s storyline was coming to a natural conclusion, which in turn led to Boone deciding to move on to newer pastures in her career. We will likely receive some more details about the exit in due time as ‘The Blacklist’ prepares to conclude season 8. The finale titled ‘Konets’ (Russian for End) is set to serve as Boone’s farewell appearance on the show.

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