Why the name Beast? Let there be such a twist in the role of Vijay

The Beast movie is coming out on the 13th. It is released not only in Tamil but also in Telugu and Hindi.

Telugu Press Meet

A press meet was recently held for the Telugu audience. Vijay did not attend at all. Only the heroine Pooja Hegde, Nelson and composer Anirudh were present.

The reason for naming the Beast?

Pooja Hegde has given an interview to media channels after the Beast Press rescue. He was then asked what was the reason for naming him ‘Beast’.

In response, Pooja Hegde spoke about Vijay’s character. “He’s quiet, and suddenly the beast inside him comes out. 10 seconds ago it appears to everyone that he’s not like this. He’s such a character. That’s why they have the name Beast,” says Pooja Hegde.

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