Will “Alice in Borderland” have season 3 on Netflix?

Will Alice in Borderland have season 3 on Netflix

In the first eight episodes, Arisu, a video game fanatic, and his two friends appear in a parallel reality of Tokyo, where they must overcome a series of sadistic games to stay alive. As they risk their lives, they will try to unravel the mysteries of a Machiavellian universe.

In the second season of “Alice in Borderland”, the games are more and more deadly, and Tokyo has become more savage and cruel. Will Arisu be able to return to the real world? And if she does, will it be worth all she’s lost? So will there be a third installment?

“Alice In Borderland”, Will It Have Another Season?

Until now,Netflixhas not made any announcement about the future of the Japanese series , but from what was seen in the last chapter, it is possible that the adventures of Arisu and the other players continue in a new batch of episodes.

Also, considering that the fiction is based on a manga that has 18 volumes and 87 chapters, there is enough original material available for another season. So what will happen to the survivors in a third installment of the series directed by Shinsuke Sato?

At the end of the second season of “Alice in Borderland” , the contestants must survive three rounds of croquet, but before they can advance they must accept the Queen’s invitation to tea.

Although Arisu and his team manage to defeat all their adversaries, survive the different tests and achieve what they have longed for since the first season, the appearance of one last letter seems to indicate that their victory is not real. Will they have to pass more tests?

For now, all that remains is to wait for the official response from Netflix, which usually takes a few weeks to evaluate the response of its users and, based on these figures, determine the future of a series.

Episodes Of Season 2 Of “Alice In Borderland”

  • Episode 1. Arisu, Usagi, Kuina and Chishiya have been at the Shibuya crossing for more than an hour waiting for the next leg to start, but nothing seems to happen.
  • Episode 2. Now that the King of Clubs has been revealed in all its glory, the game finally begins. To Arisu’s surprise, things are going quite well.
  • Episode 3. With just a few minutes left in the game, the results of each team do not seem to change. Arisu walks over to Kyuma to shake her hand.
  • Episode 4. There are few players left, and Chishiya is the only one without a partner. The next round could be the last of the game.
  • Episode 5. Aguni has only one goal in mind: to find and kill the King of Swords. Arisu and a determined student named Akane Heiya join him.
  • Episode 6. Usagi will have to win over the cynical players on the Queen’s team to change their minds. At the Supreme Court, Chishiya meets the King of Diamonds.
  • Episode 7. In the middle of an overgrown Shibuya crossing, Niragi challenges Arisu and Chishiya to a deadly game. But then, the King of Swords appears.
  • Episode 8. In the final game, the contestants must survive three rounds of croquet. But before they can move forward, the Queen invites them to tea.

What Is “Alice In Borderland” About?

“ Alice In Borderland ” tells the story of Arisu, Karube, and Chota, a group of friends who come across an abandoned Tokyo after a mysterious event. To survive, the boys will have to compete in dangerous games, the type and difficulty of which are determined by cards.


“Alice in Borderland 2” is available in the online catalog of the streaming platform Netflix from December 22, 2022. From that day on, you can enjoy fiction only with your regular subscription to the service.

The first season of “Alice in Borderland” is also available on Netflix.

Actors And Characters Of “Alice In Borderland 3″

  • Kento Yamazaki as Ryohei Arisu
  • Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi
  • Nijirō Murakami as Shuntarō Chishiya
  • Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann Rizuna
  • Dori Sakurada as Suguru Niragi
  • Aya Asahina as Hikari Kuina
  • Sho Aoyagi as Aguni Morizono
  • Riisa Naka as Mira Kano
  • Yuri Tsunematsu as Heiya
  • Hayato Isomura as Band
  • Katsuya Maiguma as Yaba

Technical Data Sheet For “Alice In Borderland”

  • Título original: “Alice in Borderland” en inglés
  • Release year: 2020 (Season 1)
  • Country: Japan
  • Original language: Japanese
  • Genre: Science fiction, drama and suspense
  • Directed by: Shinsuke Sato
  • Guion: Yasuko Kuramitsu, Shinsuke Sato, Yoshiki Watabe
  • Based on the manga by Haro Aso
  • Music: Yutaka Yamada
  • Cinematography: Taro Kawazu
  • Edición: Tsuyoshi Imai and Shoukichi Kaneda
  • Company: Robot Communications Inc.
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • Number of seasons: 2
  • Number of episodes: 16
  • Duration per episode: 41-52 minutes

what will happen in season 3 of “alice in borderland”?

After the last victory of the survivors, Mira dies and the survivors have two options: accept or reject their permanent residence in that world. Arisu, Usagi, Kuina, Chishiya, Aguni, Heiya, and Niragi decline the offer, while Banda and Yaba accept it. Does it mean that they will become the next game directors?

Those who refused residency wake up in a hospital with various injuries due to a meteorite impact on earth. Neither remembers anything about the games, that is, they do not know each other. However, he feels a special bond. Although it seems that the scary games are over, in the last scene the Joker’s card is shown. Does it mean the game isn’t over yet? Are they still trapped in that world? What happened to those who stayed? Will they survive their injuries?


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