Will I make a fan terrible for the commander .. The celebrity who will keep Anirudh alive

Anirudh had recently composed music for the Nelson directed Vijay starrer Beast. Anirudh composed the music for all the films directed by Nelson. All those songs spread all over the menu tank and gave a hit.

Following this, Anirudh is also composing music for Nelson’s Leader 169 starring superstar Rajini. In this situation, Daman is currently composing music for the upcoming film Commander 66 starring Vijay. The film has 6 songs to feature. One of them is said to be an emotionally charged sentimental song.

And Vijay is going to sing a song in the film. The Arabic boxing and Jaliya Gymkhana songs recently released in the film Beast were well received among the fans. Similarly, Daman, who has been waiting to compose music for Vijay’s film for many years, has rocked the bar in this film.

And Daman is a Vijay fan. Thus he has said that he will compose better music in the film than Anirudh. And now is my time, so from now on my vijay songs in my music will be terrible on the internet.

Anirudh is currently composing music for most of the films in Tamil cinema. This is the first time that Vijay has been given the opportunity to compose music for a film if the song formed in this alliance is well received by the fans.

Thus Commander 66 is operating in full swing in the film Daman. Vijay’s Poove is for you.

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