Will Kamal Vikram be released in more theaters than Beast?

Vikram in great anticipation

Vikram, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and starring Ulakanayakan Kamal, has generated a lot of anticipation.

Kamal has co-starred with Vijay Sethupathi and Bhagat Bachil for the first time, which is the main reason why everyone is looking forward to the film.

The audio and trailer of Vikram’s movie which will be released on the 3rd of next month will be released on the 15th of May.

So many theaters!

At present, Vikram’s movie is said to be released in over 400 theaters in Kerala alone.

Not only Tamil Nadu but also Malayalam fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this film in many places. Leading Malayalam actor Bhagat Bachil has played the lead role in the film.

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