Will KGF beat RRR movie collections! First day grand collection ..

Expected KGF in India

It is a well known fact that KGF 2, directed by Prashant Neil and starring Yash, has been well received.

Due to the impact of the first part of the film, KGF 2 has caused a sensation in India.

Fans are also showing mass on ticket bookings as bookings for the film have started.

So many crores of collection-ah!

Accordingly, the film is said to have grossed over Rs 40 crore on its first day, with ticket bookings for KGF 2 and the response to the film.

It is said that the KGF 2 film collection will be more in North India than the RRR film as the KGF 2 film will get a huge reception more than the RRR film.

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