How big is the Soccer World Cup profit? The biggest beneficiary this year turned out to be him!

The current FIFA World Cup is organized by the host country Qatar. After the match, apart from the good memories left by the fans, what did Qatar leave behind?
In order to host the World Cup, Qatar spent a lot of money, even breaking the previous record. What are the benefits after the World Cup, who is the biggest beneficiary, and how many business opportunities will it bring to the FIFA World Cup or Qatar? , Benefits?

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Qatar Spends $300 Billion to Host Soccer World Cup, Gets Less than a Tenth of It

Becoming the host country of the World Cup has always been a place that countries compete for, but in fact, being a host country is often doomed to lose money. The biggest reason is that hosting a World Cup requires 10 World Cup stadiums that can accommodate 40,000 to 60,000 people. Therefore, it basically needs to spend extra money to rebuild the building. In addition, the ticket revenue and broadcast revenue of the World Cup also belong to FIFA, and the host country’s revenue is far less than imagined!

And this year’s World Cup in Qatar is no different, even more exaggerated. The cost of the preparation alone is as high as 300 billion U.S. dollars, which is almost 10 times higher than that of previous World Cups, or even more, setting the highest hosting cost over the years. The income is only about 17 billion, less than one-tenth.

But in fact, these Qatar said that they have taken into consideration, and they also said before the game that they are using the opportunity of the World Cup to promote local construction. For example, the 974 stadium is their most famous sustainable stadium this year. It can be disassembled immediately after the game, and can also be transported to the host country of the next World Cup . The rest of the venues will also be assembled into other structures as local construction for sustainable construction. At the same time, Qatar also expressed its long-term vision. It appears to be able to bring about economic growth.

Multiple income holders FIFA become the biggest beneficiary of World Football

In fact, hosting the World Cup is basically a loss. The reason why so many countries are vying for the right to host is mainly to hope that the local economy can take off, transform, etc. When it comes to the biggest beneficiaries of this World Cup, it is nothing more than It is FIFA.

Because the most important income of hosting a World Cup is won by FIFA, such as broadcast fees, tickets, sponsors, etc., this year’s income alone is as high as 4.6 billion US dollars, and the net profit after deducting costs is about 1.5 billion US dollars, compared with This huge commercial benefit also gave FIFA the idea of ​​shortening the World Cup to three years, but this idea is basically impossible to realize. The idea of ​​shortening was proposed before, but it was shot down by the football associations one by one, and it was finally ignored. Now that the shortening is mentioned, I am afraid that I can only give up.

From the above, it is obvious that although hosting a World Cup football match seems to have huge commercial interests in the host country, the main income is won by FIFA. It is not difficult to see who is the biggest beneficiary of the World Cup Bar! Although there are always many turmoil in the World Cup every year, it still brings many positive benefits. I also hope that the World Cup hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico will grow even more in four years’ time.

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