Will Stories of the Jedi Bring These Star Wars Legends to Life?

Will Stories of the Jedi Bring These Star Wars Legends to Life?
Will Stories of the Jedi Bring These Star Wars Legends to Life?

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi will certainly bring prequel-era stories to life. Will they obtain anything from this Legends series for Qui-Gon, Dooku and even more?

With Star Wars Celebration 2022 completed, there has actually been no lack of exciting Star Wars statements. One of the most fascinating jobs announced was the upcoming Tales of the Jedi, an animated compilation set in the innovator age, with validated story arcs for Ahsoka Tano, Qui-Gon Jinn and likewise Qui-Gon’s master, Count Dooku.

Qui-Gon Jinn’s First Fallen Jedi Apprentice

Jude Watson’s Jedi Apprentice series complies with the really early days of the Obi-Wan and also Qui-Gon duo, from Obi-Wan’s last years as a Youngling at the holy place all the way up till right prior to their eventful mission to Naboo. Though a variety of stories most likely can’t go back to canon, there are some intriguing points that would certainly make sense to discover. As the books also dig into Qui-Gon’s very own past, they set up an intriguing parallel and pattern for the following chain of masters and pupils.

It ends up Obi-Wan was not Qui-Gon’s initial Padawan. Prior to tackling Obi-Wan, Qui-Gonn had actually testified never educate one more apprentice after his initial pupil, Xanatos, looked to the dark side. Xanatos was a very early foreshadowing for Anakin, as he, also, was located by Qui-Gon and also began his Jedi training behind a regular Youngling. Though Qui-Gon tried, there was a strong pull of envy and also rage that never died out in Xanatos, and also he left the Jedi Order, carrying a taste for vengeance with him. Adhering to the political assassination of Xanatos’ dad, he created a solid hated for his former master and also continued to search Qui-Gon until he was lastly eliminated. A look back at Qui-Gon’s life prior to his time as Obi-Wan’s master provides the perfect possibility to re-explore the dropped Padawan trope.

Better, the sting of shedding such an encouraging Jedi to the dark side haunted Qui-Gon for several years. It includes another intriguing layer to Qui-Gon’s insistence on training Anakin. Given that the origins of both children were so comparable, it’s possible Qui-Gon saw Anakin as a possibility to make and deal with the past up for his failures with Xanatos. Obviously, that would certainly not hold true, as well as Anakin would not only follow the same course yet prolong it deep right into new dark side area.

Glances of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Youngling Days

The Jedi Apprentice collection starts with Obi-Wan approaching his 13th birthday celebration, the age by which he should be selected as a Padawan. It’s fascinating to explore the early life of one of the most famous Jedi when he was just a spontaneous kid with some unpopular buddies and also an unrelenting bully. At chances with the Jedi precepts, Bruck was a traditional bully.

Qui-Gon’s Anakin Parallels When Disagreeing with the Jedi Code

It had not been only Qui-Gon’s propensity for picking Padawans who look to the dark side that establishes his tale apart; it was also his very own options to neglect specific parts of the Jedi code. The Phantom Menace establishes that Qui-Gon took a far more “It’s up for interpretation” sight of the code, as well as the Jedi Apprentice books check out that additionally. Looking specifically at the little bit about prohibiting romantic add-ons, Qui-Gon complied with more of the spirit of that tenet than the letter of it.

In the series, he has a Jedi Knight that has been his finest good friend considering that childhood years, Tahl, who shares a deep bond with him– as well as is likewise not afraid to knock him down a peg or two when he needs it. She and Qui-Gon acknowledge this is at odds with their little Jedi laws as well as so deal with to keep their connection a key. Neither of them gives up an ounce of what it indicates to be a Jedi to do so.

Obi-Wan’s Relationship with Siri, the Original Satine

Perhaps the biggest parallel with the books is the contrast between Obi-Wan’s Mandalorian lady love in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Satine, as well as his Jedi Apprentice frenemy-turned-love, Siri. The charming arc would likely not be played out, as a similar story exists with Satine, Obi-Wan and Siri’s relationship arc still could. Somewhere between Bant and Bruck, Siri invested her early Jedi Temple years teasing Obi-Wan. As their masters were then frequently paired up on objectives, the two created a begrudging friendship, with Siri still gently vocally abusing Obi-Wan. Though their adult relationship becomes enchanting, there is still a lot to be checked out in their deep friendship– until her actual Satine-like death in front of Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars.

Beyond simply her complicated relationship with Obi-Wan, however, Siri’s tale provides one more interesting layer and also an additional verse in the rhyming nature of Star Wars stories. Throughout Jedi Knighthood, she and her own Padawan, a young boy named Ferus Olin, are typically paired up on objectives with Obi-Wan and also Anakin. Like Siri as well as Obi-Wan in their younger days, both Padawans do not get along. Nonetheless, their connection never really becomes relationship, with Ferus forever believing Anakin impulsive and also annoying, and Anakin discovering Ferus pretentious as well as obnoxious. Establishing very early clashes for Anakin would only strengthen his story of sensation ostracized from the beginning, with Obi-Wan at an early stage really feeling the pressure.

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