Will Surya and Sudha Kongra reunite? – Is this a film?

None of the films in the last few years have been a big hit in the actor Surya film. Even the recently released Daredevil movie did not get the right collection.

Praising the Sun, Jay Beam

Prior to that, the film was a huge hit, with a true storyline such as Jay’s Beam and Jay Beam.

But fans were saddened that the film would have had such a large collection if it had been released in theaters, and the film made it to the Oscars stage.

Jay Beam gained Reach from the people despite opposition from some associations.

Surya-Sudha Kongara

Now there is a news about Surya’s new film. What it is is that again Surya and Sudha Kongra are said to be internet. And the film, which is being made on a hefty budget, has no biography.

It is said to be centered on a real incident.

Did this celebrity walk out of the Big Boss Ultimate show without anyone knowing?

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