Will the first day collection of the movie Beast alone fetch so many crores! பிரமாண்ட வசூல் ..

Beast soon

Beast is a highly anticipated film directed by Nelson and starring Commander Vijay.

Bookings for the Beast movie, which is set to release on April 13, are in full swing.

Not only the fans of the full-length action movie Beast Tamil Cinema but also many state fans are looking forward to this movie.

First day grand collection

In the meantime the Beast film business has been going on a lot bigger. Accordingly, the details of the expected collection of Beast movie by area have been released.

Tamil Nadu – 37 crores

Kerala – 7.6 crores

Andhra / Telangana – 10 crores

Karnataka – 8 crores

Other States – 4 crores

Overseas – 32 crores

Total – 98.5 crores The first day collection of the Beast film is expected to be around 100 crores.

Actress Andrea tough on fans! The police who carried out the beating ..?

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