Will there be a ban on the Beast movie in another important place following Kuwait? – Fans shock

Amidst great anticipation, Vijay’s Beast movie is set to release worldwide on April 13. The trailer for the Nelson-directed film was recently released in Venice.

Problem with Beast release

The second part of the hit KGF movie is coming at the time of Vijay’s Beast release. Thus there is a huge struggle in the availability of theaters. There are less theaters where Vijay’s Beast movie is screened than the strength movie release.

So the fans are in fear of falling short of the collection competition.

The Kuwaiti government has said that there are some bad scenes in the film at the moment so it will not be allowed to screen the film, which has fans in awe.

A similar problem has arisen in Malaysia following Kuwait. Some problems are already running in Malaysia and now there are scenes like radical plaintiffs in the film and they are wondering if the Malaysian government can put the same here as in Kuwait.

It remains to be seen whether the film will be released there socially or broadcast with a lot of restrictions.

Thus the fans are saddened by what the film crew is going to do.

Is there a ban on the Beast movie here? – Here it is with the video

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