Will There be a Fatherhood Sequel?


‘Fatherhood’ tells the heartwarming story of a single father attempting to raise his infant daughter on his own after the sudden death of his wife. The film explores the pitfalls of single-parenting, and the father’s struggle to balance his work and romantic life with ensuring that he is always there for his daughter. The film closes on a happy note, but the father-daughter duo’s journey is far from complete. So can we expect to see more of Matt and his daughter Maddy’s loving journey as she grows older in a ‘Fatherhood’ sequel? Let’s find out.

Fatherhood Sequel Release Date

‘Fatherhood’ premiered on Netflix on June 18, 2021. The film is based on a memoir named ‘Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love’ by Matthew Logelin in which he recounts his experiences as a single father and widower raising an infant daughter. The film also focuses on the extraordinary period in the lives of both father and daughter which defines their relationship.

Whereas Matthew Logelin and his daughter have undoubtedly had an interesting journey together since he published his book, it is his daughter’s crucial early years that Matthew spent raising her by himself whilst struggling with the death of his wife that is the highlight of his heartfelt tale. Similar films that are biographical, like ‘The Pursuit of Happyness‘ that follows Chris Gardner’s year-long struggle with poverty whilst raising his young son, and the wildly different yet biographical ‘127 Hours’ that centers around an even shorter period, focus on a particular event or time that is defining for the person.

Movies like these seldom have a sequel, and therefore it is highly unlikely that the ‘Fatherhood’ sequel will be made. We have seen what is possibly the most incredibly trying time in the characters’ lives, and further stories about them are likely to not seem as dramatic in comparison. Biographical stories that are wildly popular sometimes get made into movies multiple times, however, the approach of each production is generally to look at the story from a different perspective as opposed to making a sequel to the previous movie based on the biography.

The central character of ‘Fatherhood’ is Matt, who is essayed by Kevin Hart. His daughter Maddy, whose role is also fulfilled by multiple actresses as she goes from being a newborn to about 5 years old, is largely essayed by Melody Hurd. The supporting cast includes Matt’s love interest Lizzie a.k.a Swan (DeWanda Wise), his late wife Liz (Deborah Ayorinde), his friends Jordan (Lil Rel Howery) and Oscar (Anthony Carrigan), his mother-in-law Marian (Alfre Woodard), and her husband Mike (Frankie Faison).

In the unlikely scenario that a sequel to ‘Fatherhood’ does get made, we will see Kevin Hart most likely reprise his role. However, if the sequel is based in a different point of time in Matt and Maddy’s life, then, for the sake of continuity, it is unlikely that Hurd would return to the role of Maddy. The return of other characters like Swan, Marian, and Mike, and the cast essaying them, depends entirely upon what period and stage of Matt and Maddy’s lives the sequel would focus on. We could very likely see Liz, who is Maddy’s mother and is essayed by Deborah Ayorinde, return in flashback scenes, as she did in ‘Fatherhood.’

‘Fatherhood’ follows the extraordinary journey of a recently widowed father learning to raise his infant daughter the best he can. Contrary to what his friends and family believe, he perseveres and is able to constantly put his daughter’s needs before his, making the story heartwarming and inspiring.

The sequel to the movie will most likely be based in the future and could feature Matt with a much older Maddy, possibly on the cusp of going to college or at some other crucial moment of her life. There is also a chance that the sequel could feature Matt with his second daughter, and explore their journey together. Though unlikely, the ‘Fatherhood’ sequel could also be kept biographical and continue to follow Matthew Logelin and his daughter’s life together.

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