Will There be a No Sudden Move Sequel?


‘No Sudden Move’ is a crime caper set in 1950s Detroit that follows two small-time criminals as they find themselves entangled in matters way above their regular pay grade. The stylish crime noir film boasts of a star-studded cast as well as an equally compelling nod to Detroit’s tumultuous history. Director Steven Soderbergh‘s seamless combination of heists, mafia, and corporate espionage benefits from its historical underpinnings and finds the characters’ motivations changing with the times. Are you wondering whether we might see more of Curt Goynes? Here’s everything we know about the ‘No Sudden Move’ sequel.

No Sudden Move 2 Release Date

‘No Sudden Move’ premiered on July 1, 2021, across theatres and is also available on HBO’s premium streaming service HBO Max for a period of 31 days after release.

As far as a sequel is concerned, there has been no word yet as to whether one is being considered. Noir crime capers like this one generally do not have a sequel due to the all-encompassing finality in their endings. The storylines most often involve major characters dying and it is difficult to recreate the aesthetic of the film while also keeping it fresh and interesting for audiences over multiple movies. Of course, crime films like ‘The Godfather‘ have had (highly successful) sequels, but they follow much more complicated, intergenerational plot lines and are not based on a heist.

This brings us to why we can be hopeful for a sequel. Soderbergh is known for one of the most famous heist movie franchises of our time. The director of ‘Ocean’s 11‘ and its sequels has even used some of the past cast members of the franchise in his most recent heist movie, most notably Don Cheadle and Matt Damon. Seeing the success of his foray into crime sequels gives ‘No Sudden Move’ a relatively good chance of getting a sequel.

The film’s historic backdrop, which can be a complication when planning a potential sequel, can actually help inspire the story of the follow-up film. Seeing as how closely the plot is tied to the looming automobile industry of the period, to say nothing of the racial tensions hinted at multiple times, the film is set in a tumultuous time that can undoubtedly generate more, equally compelling backdrops for a potential sequel. The fact that the lead character (Goynes) seems quite nomadic could also give the film’s creators more freedom in portraying his journey in case they do choose to continue it in another film.

‘Ocean’s 11’ and its sequels came out approximately 3 years apart. Other heist film franchises like the ‘Now You See Me‘ movies also came out with a few years in between them. Combined with the star-studded cast members who will likely have complex schedules, a follow-up should not be expected anytime soon. Therefore, the earliest we can expect to see a ‘No Sudden Move’ sequel would be in late 2023.

No Sudden Move 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Don Cheadle portrays the ambitious small-timer Curt Goynes, who finds an unlikely partner in Benicio Del Toro’s easy-going character Ronald Russo. The Italian mobster Frank Capelli is played convincingly by Ray Liotta, while Julia Fox essays his wife Vanessa. Jon Hamm is the straight edge Detective Joe Finney and Matt Damon cameos as the vainglorious Mr. Lowen.

A sequel will likely see most of the cast reprise their roles, with the notable exception of Benicio Del Toro whose character dies in the movie. It is almost certain that a potential sequel will have new members joining the cast, and could even see George Clooney signing up, considering he was briefly associated with the first film before plans changed.

No Sudden Move 2 Plot: What can it be About?

‘No Sudden Move’ follows the unexpected pairing of Curt Goynes and Ronald Russo, two small-time criminals who take their shot at trying to make it big when they unwittingly uncover a high-level corporate heist in progress. After many double and triple crosses, Goynes escapes with his life and $5000 in his pocket.

In the potential sequel, we could see Goynes relocate, as he plans to. Having made his peace with the menacing Black crime family boss, he could begin to climb the ladder in his criminal organization. His ample ambition and street smarts could make for an entertaining story as he once again attempts to take on people much more influential than him. The various crime families we have already seen, and new ones will likely play a role, as will some period-specific aspects of historical relevance (like racial tensions and the automobile industry in the first part) to make the sequel as layered as its predecessor.

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