Will There be a Wish Dragon Sequel?


‘Wish Dragon’ is a Chinese animated film that follows a young college student, Din, struggling to make ends meet, who encounters a cynical wish-granting dragon named Long and sets out on a journey of finding what is really important to him. The movie is written and directed by Chris Appelhans and is notable for featuring a predominantly Chinese/ Chinese-American voice cast.

Despite the early comparison to ‘Aladdin‘ the movie has managed to win over critics and audiences with its unique philosophy and outlook on life. If you enjoyed Din and Long’s exciting adventure, you must be wondering whether there will be a follow-up film. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about a ‘Wish Dragon’ sequel.

Wish Dragon Sequel Release Date

‘Wish Dragon’ was released by Sony Pictures on January 15, 2021, in China and June 11, 2021, in the USA (and other regions) on Netflix. As of now, neither the studio nor the film’s creative team has made any official comments about a second installment.

However, the film’s decent collection at the Chinese box office and positive critical reception increase its chances of receiving a sequel. Furthermore, should the film strike a chord with viewers on Netflix and prove to be a globe crowd-pleaser, the studio could very easily greenlight a sequel in the coming months. In that case, ‘Wish Dragon 2’ could be ready to arrive on our screens sometime in 2023.

Wish Dragon Sequel Cast: Who can be in it?

In ‘Wish Dragon,’ Jimmy Wong voices the protagonist Din Song. You might remember Wong from his part as Ling in the 2020 live-action version of ‘Mulan.’ John Cho provides the voice of Long, the titular wish-granting dragon. Viewers might recognize Cho as the voice of Vince Chung from ‘American Dad!’ Natasha Liu Bordizzo voices Li Na Wang, Din’s long-lost childhood friend. Martial arts legend Jackie Chan and actor Niu Junfeng provide the voices of Long and Din in the film’s Mandarin dub. The rest of the voice cast is rounded out by Constance Wu as Mrs. Song, Aaron Yoo as Pockets, Will Yun Lee as Mr. Wang, Bobby Lee as Tall Goon, Nico Santos as Buckley, Ronny Chieng as Pipa God.

We expect Wong, Cho, and Bordizzo to reprise their voice roles for the sequel, while Wu, Yoo, Yun Lee, Chieng, and the rest of the supporting voice cast could also return depending on the plot.

Wish Dragon Sequel Plot: What can it be about?

‘Wish Dragon’ tells the story of Din and the three wishes he gets from Long after finding the dragon-genie trapped in a teapot. The film elaborates on the harmful nature of greed and is closely tied into Long’s backstory and Din’s eventual fate. In the movie’s climax, Long, Din, Mr. Wang, and Li Na all learn that family and friends are more important than wealth. The closing moments reveal that Long has set out to make a difference and in search of his new master after bidding farewell to Din.

The first film’s ending leaves the room open for more adventures featuring Long, and the sequel could focus on a now wiser Long imparting wisdom onto his new master. That doesn’t mean that Din and his friends won’t be in the picture and could still play small parts. Din might team up with Long once again after the pair realizes that they can do more good together. Long’s responsibility and duty towards his new master and his friendship with Din could provide for an interesting conflict for the wish-granting dragon.

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