Will this be the beginning of the KGF 3 movie? Surprised fans ..

KGF 3 in the collection rain

The much-anticipated KGF 2 movie was released on April 14 in India.

Following the first part of the sensational hit, the second release of the KGF film has been on a box office hunt in India.

Accordingly, the KGF 2 movie is expected to gross around Rs 1000 crore worldwide.

In this case the thing that all the fans celebrated when the KGF 2 movie was over was the announcement of the KGF 3 movie. Chapter 3 was showing the book at the end to make sure KGF 3 was coming.

Connection of the next part

But by the end of the second half Rocky Boy will be showing up drowning with gold in the sea. Meanwhile, only one photo of this is currently circulating among the fans.

Yes, it’s like meeting Rocky Boy Jimmy Carter in KGF 2, and that person’s name has been revealed by fans to mean a submarine.

Fans are now claiming that Rocky Boy, who is currently at sea, will come out with the help of a submarine in the next part.

In Tamil Nadu alone, there are so many Kodia in total! KGF 2 approaching Beast image ..

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