Throughout the Lucasfilm Panel on Thursday for the Star Wars Celebration occasion, fans all over lastly got a great take a look at the upcoming follow up series to Warwick Davis cult traditional dark dream Willow. Its the conclusion of years of operate in the background from writer Jonathan Kasdan, the initial movies director Ron Howard, Wendy Mericle, and even Davis himself to bring the cherished Nelwyn back to screens all over. While just a teaser of the series was revealed, interviews with Davis, Kasdan, and more throughout the panel taught us a bit about the series that formerly was left unsaid.

It was exposed that Willow occurs approximately 200 years after the movie with a much older, smarter Willow Ufgood taking the reins. Now 34 years gotten rid of from the movie, the world still has that very same whimsical feel as it carried out in 1988, albeit with a much greater spending plan to catch its elegance. Willow is recalled to experience by a princess called Set (Ruby Cruz) who requests for his assistance in saving her twin bro. Joining them is a varied, global cast headlined by Erin Kellyman, Ellie Bamber, Tony Revolori, Amer Chadha-Patel, Dempsey Bryk, and Talisa Garcia with Joanne Whalley likewise going back to the franchise as Sorsha. Include Ralph Ineson and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers in presently unidentified functions together with Davis real-life child Annabelle Davis and his stunt double boy Lloyd Davis and you have rather the cast.


Willow got its very first trailer throughout the occasion which teases the world were returning to with the Disney+ series while flaunting an older Willow and the brand-new buddies hell now lead. Aside from being pure dream eye sweet, it likewise offers us some hints regarding what the story involves. Years after Willow assisted make sure the security of a child who would cause the failure of the wicked Bavmorda, the balance of deep space is upset as soon as again, leading him and his brand-new celebration of heroes on a journey of terrific threat far beyond the lands they understand to conserve the world. As gone over at the panel, this Willow is a bit various though. Solidified from his experiences in the very first movie and now the most effective sorcerer there is, he now understands sufficient about the world and the risks that lie within to function as a leader and coach to the brand-new generation of heroes.

Kasdan and Davis likewise teased how Willow will permit a higher possibility to check out more of the world and the animals that reside in it. Additionally, its an opportunity to act on the story of Elora and who precisely she matured to end up being after the occasions of the very first movie. With such a big dream world and brand-new, unidentified lands that our brand-new heroes will venture out to, theres a lot left unblemished by Willows initially experience.

Cruz, Kellyman, and Bamber talked a bit throughout their interview about simply who their characters are. Possibly the most significant discovery is that Cruzs character Set is not simply a princess, however the child of Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) and Sorsha, offering a direct tie to the very first movie through Willows previous buddies. While Kilmer himself wont remain in the upcoming series, Kasdan assured fans that Madmartigan is still included greatly in the story which the veteran star remained in the loop on the story. Kellyman, on the other hand, plays Jade, the best buddy of Set whos going through training to end up being a knight, making her abilities vital in the journey ahead. Lastly, theres Bamber as the kitchen area house maid Dove who has a crush on Sets bro and invests most of her time cooking and working around the castle.

The most significant expose of all to come out of the event, nevertheless, is that we now have an authorities release date for the series. Willow will formally concern Disney+ on November 30. With Kasdan, Howard, Mericle, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rejwan all dealing with the series with a gifted cast filled with returning favorites and cherished stars throughout the Lucasfilm universe, whatever is entering into place for the program to effectively follow up the cherished dream movie.