Wimal has poured his legs in the morning believing .. The big name given according to the name of the film

Actor Wimal is the one who impressed the fans with his film with a village story feature called Kalavani. Following this, his films like Kalakalappu, Manjapai and Desingu Raja were somewhat successful. None of the films he starred in after that gave him a hand.

Wimal has struggled to prove that he is a great actor alone, even though the films he co-stars with other actors are somewhat hit. In this situation, a fraud complaint has been reported against Vimal. The movie that gave him the biggest hit was Kalavani.

In this situation, it is said that Wimal swindled 1.5 crore from Singaravelan by claiming that he was going to shoot the second part of the film. Singaravelan distributes pictures under the name Marina Pictures. He has distributed some films like Rajinikanth’s Linga and Vijay Sethupathi’s Exodus.

Singaravelan has filed a case with the police alleging that he snatched Rs 1.5 crore from Vimal. Wimal has been cheating to this day by promising to take money from him and return it before its release, stating in the complaint that the film should not have been shot.

Singaravelan also lodged a complaint with the Tamil Nadu Film Production Association. The Film Production Association has asked Wimal to repay the interest with Rs 1.5 crore as he has not repaid the money after two and a half years.

In this situation Wimal has given a check for Rs 2.70 crore. But even then Wimal has used his thief identity. When the check was paid to the bank, Vimal’s bank account bounced due to lack of money. Singaravelan has been criticized by many as a distributor who must have thought of seeing the name of the film Kalavani.

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