With the divorced hand, Iman on the day for the 2nd wedding

As far as Tamil cinema is concerned, the divorce of many screen celebrities has taken the fans by surprise. That, too, is followed by subsequent divorce news. This divorce is widely seen among the fans as they belong to the screen industry.

De Iman has worked as a music composer in the films of leading actors in Tamil cinema such as Rajini, Vijay, Ajith and Surya. De Iman has also composed music for recently released films such as Annatha and Anything Dare.

He was last married to Monica Richard in 2008. They have 2 daughters. In this case, at the end of last year, he announced that his wife was legally divorced in 2021.

This caused a great deal of concern among his fans. De Iman recently filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Monica Richard. That is, he complained that he had his daughters’ passports and that Monica had obtained a new passport by concealing it.

In this situation, it was reported that Iman is going to remarry. Currently Iman’s family is looking for a woman to marry him. And their wedding is set to take place later this year.

It has been reported that Iman will get married for the second time on June 15 this year. But the extent to which this message is true can only be confirmed if a notification comes from the Iman side.

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