Wolverine Star Hugh Jackman Reacts to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool MCU Debut

Wolverine Star Hugh Jackman Reacts to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool MCU Debut

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe lost their collective minds when Ryan Reynolds donned the Deadpool suit once again in a new reaction video to his upcoming film Free Guy, which would’ve been big enough news. It got even better though when he was joined by Korg, once again brilliantly voiced by Taika Waititi, and thanks to the team-up the video also qualifies as Deadpool’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Fans were understandably excited, but they weren’t the only ones, as Wolverine actor and frequent Reynolds nemesis Hugh Jackman chimed in on Deadpool’s latest foray as well (via The Direct).

Jackman had nothing but kind words to say of Reynolds and cheered him on for going four minutes and 12 seconds in the video without mentioning his name but also continuing his therapy. Jackman commented on Reynolds’ post on Instagram (below), saying “Wow! 4:12 and no mention of me. DP your therapy is working!!!”

The two have feuded for quite some time, and for a while, Reynolds has attempted to get Jackman back into the Wolverine suit, but Jackman isn’t budging. The two have taken shots at each other and had competitions between their various companies, including Reynolds’ Aviation Gin and Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee.

Recently they’ve had a truce going, and the good news is it doesn’t seem to be ending.

As for Reynolds and Marvel, we’ve heard rumors and reports about the plans for Deadpool in the MCU, including whether or not they will continue the R-Rated tradition of the past two movies. Those were not under the Disney umbrella of course, so it remains to be seen if Disney will embrace that tone. This is the first time we’ve ever seen Deadpool interacting with a character from the MCU, and so hopefully this is the first step towards a full-blown introduction for Wade Wilson.


While Deadpool’s past movies have included the original take on the X-Men, it remains to be seen if any of that is referred to in whatever film he appears in. He’ll likely take a few jabs at those movies and the whole Disney Fox deal knowing Deadpool, and sincerely hope he debuts in the MCU sooner rather than later.

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