Yami shared a photo of the turmeric ceremony, a sibling pair looking perfect in a yellow suit

Mumbai– Actress Yami Gautam is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood, who is always talked about for her looks on social media. He recently shared a picture of his turmeric ceremony with his brother which went viral on the internet. Fans are liking this picture very much.


Yami Gautam shared this post especially congratulating her brother on his birthday. Sharing the picture, he wrote in the caption: “You are no longer a teenager, but for me you will always be a younger brother. Happy Birthday, Ojas.


In the shared photo, Yami Gautam wearing a red dupatta with a yellow outfit looks very beautiful. In addition, she is carrying Cody’s jewelery, which is adding to her look. Holding the phone in her hand, she is showing something to her brother. Fans are liking this picture of the siblings very much and are also wishing Ojas a happy birthday by commenting.


Speaking of work, Yami Gautam was recently seen in the film ‘Dasviin’ in which she appeared with actor Abhishek Bachchan. The film was well received by the audience.

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