Yash turns out to be worse than a chameleon .. fans tearing his face off

KGF2, starring Kannada actor Yash, was released worldwide last week. This second part is getting a lot of response from the fans just like the first part. In that sense the film is once again performing a collection record.

As usual, the hero’s performance in the film has been praised by many, but now Yash’s behavior has left fans dissatisfied. That is to say, Yash, who was present at the film’s promotions, spoke very realistically to the liking of all the fans.

Even recently he said that if an actor wins it should be celebrated by all as Indian cinema without distinguishing between Kannada cinema, Tamil cinema and Telugu cinema. Whoever won spoke proudly that we should take as an Indian victory.

And as far as cinema is concerned, there should be no politics of Kannada and Tamil. We are all together so we all need to act together. The fans who heard this also thought highly of him and praised him.

But when the KGF film was released he was talking with one mind that Kannada cinema is currently progressing in many places. He also mentioned on his social media page that he is proud to be a Kannada.

Fans who have seen this are criticizing him for saying that if you need to say you are Indian then you are saying Kannada if not why this mask. And it is not wrong for you to be proud of your mother tongue but in some places you should hide it and search for publicity.

Fans have been saying that as an actor you should only act in front of the camera and not act in real life. They have torn Yash’s face so as not to deceive the fans by thinking that he is speaking more realistically.

Similarly, Rajinikanth gave a voice to the Tamils ​​during the Cauvery crisis. But he apologized for what was wrong with what he had said immediately after the issue came up with his films not being aired in Karnataka. Many fans were upset that Rajinikanth was not expected to do this.

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