Yash-viral video that changed what Yash did 5 years ago for Kgf 2 movie

Tamil cinema fans have started celebrating other language films beyond the ones released here.

Even more so during this corona period people were more and more interested in watching other language films, subtitled as they are even though the language is not understood.

KGF starring Yash

In the year 2018, KGF movie was released in Kannada cinema starring Yash. Directed by Prakash Neil, the film is priced at Rs. 80 crore budget ready Rs. Collected up to Rs 250 crore. Beyond Kannada, it was dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi and hit the screens.


The film was released on April 14. Rs. The film, which was made on a budget of Rs 100 crore, grossed Rs. Has collected over Rs 130 crore. Yash has been with the beard-mustache for 5 years for these films.

Viral video

An old video of Yash starring KGF 2 in theaters is now going viral on social media.

That means Yash, who has had a beard-mustache for almost 5 years for Kgf films, has taken it one way and changed to another look. The video was released in 2020 and is now being shared virally by fans on Twitter.

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