Yesterday in Beast and Kgf 2 films, Tamil collection- Yash, Vijay beats Vijay

In Tamil Nadu, the collection hunt for Beast and Kgf 2 films is going on.

Both the films were released the next day and it was expected that there would not be a proper collection here for the Kgf 2 film released by Vijay’s Beast.

But the story changed after the release of Beast, which means that the film has hit luck to Kgf 2 to stumble upon a few people, and the collections are raining down.

Tamil Nadu Collection

Kgf 2 is being screened in more and less theaters, with fewer theaters showing Beast. So Yash Boy is on a collection hunt in Tamil Nadu.

Yesterday, Thursday (April 21) Beast was priced at Rs. 1.4 crore and Kgf 2 Rs. 2.5 crore.

It is said that Kgf 2 Image Collection will get a huge collection this weekend which was huge on weekdays.

Sri Lankan fans who left the room after watching the movie Beast .. Is there such a situation for Vijay movie

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