Yogibabu’s despicable act .. Vadivelu does not care much for this

Yogibabu starred in three-quarters of the films released last year. He is currently busier than the leading heroes. And busy enough to go shooting for six or seven films a day. The availability of Yogibabu’s call sheet is a horse’s horn just as the heroes’ callsheet is currently available.

Yogibabu is currently filling Vadivelu’s place as Vadivelu has been banned from acting in movies. The comedy, which beats Assault in the Yogi Babu series, currently has a large fan base.

Yogibabu is currently starring in a few films. Yogi Babu is one step ahead of Bollywood. That too starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the Lion movie directed by Aadli. In this case, the Vadivelu technique is currently being followed by Yogi Babu. It is a vile technique.

This means that Vadivelu will receive the salary of the person who worked with him as an assistant during his tenure from the producer. Vadivelu can give a small amount to the assistant and keep the rest of the money.

Similarly, at present Yogi Babu buys the assistant’s salary in bulk and pays him only Rs.500 or Rs.1000. Yogibabu puts the rest of the money on the coat. Many say that the design is okay for this.

And it is not conducive to the development of Yogibabu. It is rumored in the Kollywood circles that if Vadivelu continues to do the same, his market will go down. And fans have been criticizing Yogi Babu, who has been starring in so many films for a year, as to why he has this little intellect.

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