You are a Muslim .. Why act like this: Nazriya’s super answer to the villainous question

Nasria’s response to a reporter’s question about religion is now going viral.


Actress Nazriya is well known to Tamil cinema fans. In Tamil he has acted in films like Time, Raja Rani, Satire, Shut Up and Talk.

Nazriya married actor Bahadur Basu and settled down while she was a leading actress. He stopped acting after that and is now busy acting again.

The villainous question

Nasria Nani is paired with Ante Sundaraniki in the Telugu film. In it she plays a Christian woman named Leila Thomas.

At the film’s press meet, a reporter asked, “Being an Islamic woman, you are playing the role of Leela Thomas, a Christian woman, the wife of a Hindu man. Why did you decide to act in such a script?”

Nasria responded coolly, explaining, “I was caught up in the story. There was a spark so I agreed. I did nothing to pretend to be a Christian woman. I just acted with an understanding of the character.”

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